Moving House – Wondering How To Make Your Move A Success When Moving Home in Lincoln or Lincolnshire

Whether moving from Ruskington, Sleaford, Grantham, Boston, Bourne, Spalding, Stamford or Market Deeping you will need to know how to make your move a success for you and your family. You move doesn’t have to be daunting. Following our guide on how to make your move a success will ensure you tick all the correct boxes when moving to your new home in Lincoln or Lincolnshire.

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Being Organized

Create a positive plan of action. Decide what packing materials you will need to pack your home essentials carefully. Plan for utilities to be switched over at your new home and also plan for a baby sitter if this is possible, while the move is under way. If completing your own packing, be sure all packing is completed before your moving company arrives.

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Request A Free Home Survey

Booking a free home survey will enable your movers to see exactly what you are moving. This will also ensure you receive the best most fairest price for your entire move and for any additional services you may require. Requesting a home survey will also ensure you receive the right size vehicles, movers, packers, boxes and packaging materials. Your survey will help iron out any difficulties you are facing regarding the move.

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Booking Your Move In Advance

Booking in advance will ensure your move date is confirmed. Some moving companies tend to offer great discounts when customers book their move in advance. Knowing your move is booked in, is a huge relief and weight off your shoulders. and will allow you the time to save the money needed for your house removals.

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Set A Realistic Budget

Before you can set a realistic budget for your move, you will need to know the exact price. Decide on what work you can do, whether that be the packing or taking down large items and then decide on what you’re moving company will need to do.Request a home survey and get a quote from your moving company. Once you are happy with the quote and services that will be carried out at your home, have your move booked in.

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Ask Friends For Assistance

When moving home it is always a good idea to ask, friends or family if they will provide an extra pair of hands, to help with the cleaning, unpacking and delegating of the move and movers. Even with the assistance of a professional moving company, having a friend will help ensure those last-minute chores are completed successfully.

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Leave Plenty Of Time To Complete Tasks

Be sure to give your self plenty of time when completing your tasks. For example if packing your self. start packing boxes you will not need, pack just a couple of boxes a day, aim to have the packing completed before your removal date, as this will save you and the movers time at the new house to unpack and have the kids beds up, before night fall.

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Who You May Need To Notify Of Your Move

Moving to a new home is such a big thing in our lives it easy to forget the smaller things involved when moving home. Below we have listed the relevant service provider you may need to notify of your change of address.

  • Family, Friends, Work Colleagues
  • Doctors, Dentists, Opticians
  • Tv, Broadband, Phone
  • Royal Mail, Gas, Water, Electric
  • DVLA, Car Insurance, House Insurance
  • Inland Revenue, Bank, Building Society, Council Tax
  • Schools, Colleges, Universities

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Label Boxes & Furniture

Labeling the boxes comes in very handy when placing them in the correct rooms at your new home or unpacking the boxes. Knowing what is inside the boxes means it will end up in the right place and not get put in the garage or loft amoungst the other boxes. Labeling your furniture and boxes helps a lot, as the movers will not need to ask you every time a box is not labeled, of where it should go.

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Make your move a success

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