Piano Moving Advice – Follow our checklist and tips on how to move a piano safely in Buckingham & Buckinghamshire to its new destination in the UK

There are many types of piano out there that come in all shapes and sizes. These pianos are upright piano, baby grand piano, grand piano and the concert grand piano. The question is how to move a piano safely in Buckingham. All of these pianos vary in size and weight. With a upright piano weighing roughly 250kg and the biggest of the pianos, the concert grand weighing roughly 500kg this is double the weight of an upright piano and will need more than man power to move the piano safely.  Pianos can be extremely heavy to lift or move, our checklist and tips will provide you the advice and information you need when planning how to move a piano safely.

How to move a piano safely in Buckingham

Make a positive plan of action

When moving a piano there will be a lot to consider and think about, If the upright piano is an older model, these do tend to weigh a little heavier than the newer models of the upright piano. Before you plan on how to move a piano safely, you need to decide whether you will require professional help and assistance from a professional piano removals company or whether you will ask friends or family to lend a helping hand. If your upright piano is of an expensive or sentimental value it is always best to seek professional advice, prior to moving. You will need to decide how to dismantle your baby grand, grand or concert grand before it can be moved.

How to dismantle a piano

The baby grand piano, the grand piano and the concert grand piano will all need to be dismantled, before they can be moved to their destination. They come with 3 sturdy legs, that have 3 bolts to each leg. These bots will need to removed and this is where extra care and attention should be taken, as the piano can be quite dangerous to handle at this stage. The bigger pianos will need to be protected and packaged before the legs can be removed. Start by taking off one side of the front legs of the piano. Before the leg can be moved you will need to have a few hands holding the piano up, and then carefully lowering the piano to the floor, at this angle you will be able to safely take to the other front leg off the piano. Before taking the final leg off the back leg of the piano, the piano will need to raised on to its flat side and then on to the piano skid board.

How to move a piano safely in Buckingham

Protecting the piano before moving

Specialist piano packaging will be required to ensure the piano is not damaged when being moved, from room to room or to a completely new destination. There are many ways to protect a piano. One method of protecting your piano is to purchase a specially designed vinyl upright piano cover. If extra padding is required, foam wrap should be used to protect the corners of the upright piano.

How to move a piano safely in Buckingham

Use the correct tools and piano moving equipment

Before moving an upright piano, it will need to be protected and secured to a piano shoe using strong quality straps with ratchet. The piano shoes are there to ensure the piano is not moved using its caster wheels and that the piano can be moved with little effort. Moving a piano with its solid metal casters, could have devastating consequences on wooden floors or tiled surfaces, so it is always better to lift it on to the piano shoes and move the piano that way.

How to move a piano safely in Buckingham

Plan how you will piano get the piano out

This is one of the most important questions asked when moving a piano from one place to another. The best way to get the piano out of a house or building will be to use the route with no stairs or steps. Corridors can be very narrow and some have tight turns, to avoid lifting the piano on to its side, you will need to find an alternative route to get it out. The other option if all fails is to have the window removed to get the piano craned down out of the building, this method can prove to be costly, if getting the piano out its usual access fails. If you are in block of apartments or flats with no lift then more man power will be required to move the piano down flights or up flights of stairs. As.piano skid board will need to be used when moving any piano up or down flights of stairs.

Moving the piano

Now the piano is all packed and secure, it can be moved safely to its new destination. when moving the piano on its piano shoes, one person will need to be in front and one at the back of the piano, this will keep is stable and ensures that the piano does not move or come off the piano shoe in any way.

If the piano is to be moved up or down a few steps, place a metal ramp, that is specially designed to hold the weight of the piano, this will enable the piano to move in and out swiftly and without having to stop and lift the piano, off and on to the piano wheels. This will help to save time and energy when moving the piano through the most awkward place of your home in a safe and professional manner.

How to move a piano safely in Buckingham

Placing the piano in the removal truck

When positioning your piano, it is best to leave the piano connected to the piano skid board. This will ensure the piano is firm to the floor and will not move. Using strong quality straps, strap the piano to the inside beams of removal truck. This will hold the piano firmly in place ensuring it does not move when the removal truck is being driven to its destination. Never move off with a piano unless it is tied down and secure.

Things you may need to do with a piano before and after moving it

Some times when moving a piano it can become out of tune. You may need to arrange with a piano tuning specialist to have the piano re-tuned, this will bring the piano back to its original sound.

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