Find The Best Moving Home Guide, Checklist & Tips For Home Movers in Nottingham

Are you moving house in Nottingham? Do you have a lot of furniture that requires packing and boxing? Do you have a large family & home? Are you planning on hiring a removals company? If so, the following guide on how to organize your home move will ensure you tick all the right boxes when preparing for your move.

Preparing For Your House Removal When Moving Home in Nottinghamshire

4 Weeks Before Your Home Move

Contact utility suppliers. Notify them that you are due to be moving home. Update your personal details and information. Here is a list of some of the suppliers you may need to contact before moving home.

  • Gas, Water and Electric Supplier
  • Royal Mail
  • Tv and Broadband Supplier
  • Car and House Insurance Providers
  • Doctors, Dentist and Options
  • Vets, Schools, Colleges and Banks

Contact your removals company and request a Free of charge no obligation home survey and removal quotation

Start collecting removal boxes and packaging materials, so you can start packing your furniture and belongings early

Arrange for child care on the day of the move. Ask friends or family to take the children out for the day or for a meal. It can be up setting for children seeing their home belongings being moved away. Let them spend the day with relatives and arrive at the new home once the move is complete. This will help to ease the stress when moving home with small children.

Make arrangements for pets to be looked after on moving day. Pets can become very unsettled when removal men start moving furniture around the house, especially cats. If not locked in a spare room they can get scared and run out of the house which can become a night mare, when searching for a cat or dog when moving home.

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3 Weeks Before Moving Home

Arrange for a house clearance. A house clearance is a great way to get rid of those items you no longer want, use or need any more, like sofas, dining tables, dated tv and video players. This will ensure that you don’t clutter the new home and have more living space for you and your family. Selling or donating your furniture will help raise money to help towards your house removal.

Take a family day out to visit the new home and area. Have a good look around speak to people and visit local attractions, parks and malls to see what your new area and surroundings has to offer.

Get all passports ready. If moving abroad its vital you have all passports and documentation in check. Give your self enough time to visit your local passport office when moving abroad.

Order new furniture for your new home. If you are ordering brand new furniture have them delivered to your new home. It could be a good idea to order them in advanced, especially when it comes to specialist furniture or sofas, that may not be in stock for next day delivery.

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2 Weeks Before House Removals

Dispose of all flammable liquids. Safely dispose of all flammable liquids and oils, such as bbq fuels, fuel from the lawn mower tanks and empty all fuel from other electrical tools that the movers will be taking. Removal companies are not insured to move hazardous items so you will need to ensure all tools are drained and dry before being moved.

Have vehicle checked over. For long distance house removals it is wise to ensure your car is in the best roadworthy condition possible. The last thing you need is to break down on the day of the move.

Place jewelry, valuables, sentimental items and personal documents in a safe place. Try to keep these items in your possession at all times, don’t get them mixed up with other removal boxes. On the day of the move keep them some where safe like in the boot of your car.

Arrange for the moving van to be parked on the drive or on the street. Many removal companies may charge an extra fee, if the removal van is not parked within a certain radius from the house. Put out cones or speak to neighbors in advance to ensure parking space is saved.

Try not to buy too much food for the fridge. Time is closing in, moving day is round the corner when buying your groceries and food try to buy just enough to last you till moving day instead of letting it go to waste.

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1 Week Before The Big Move

Contact your removals Company again, so that you can be reassured they will still turn up on the day. Ask them for moving advice that you may need.

Arrange for your phone line to be disconnected. Many network providers will transfer the same number along to your new home address for a small fee.

Finish packing, boxing and labeling all furniture within the home. Be sure to have all items safely wrapped, packed and boxed before the removal men arrive.

Defrost freezer and clean thoroughly, especially when storing items into storage or moving a long distance away. Water can leak out and ruin other items and furniture it comes into contact with.

Contact solicitors and estate agents to be sure the move is still going ahead for the set date. Check with them that the moving process is fine and the moving chain is up to date and that all monies have been transferred by all third parties.

Clean appliances inside and out. Make sure all appliances are not dirty or dusty as this can bring dirt into your new home which may damage your walls or carpets.

Confirm with utility providers that power will be switched on once you have moved into your new home. The last thing you need is to move home in the middle of winter to find the new house has no heating or lighting.

Pack a box or two with all the items you will need for when you first arrive at the new home. Items you may need include kettle mugs, toaster, milk, sugar, biscuits and other must have essentials.

Don’t forget to tell your neighbors you are moving house. Let your friends, family and neighbors know you will be moving very soon. Good neighbors and family members will offer some help and support, whether that be cleaning the old house, unpacking boxes or simply looking after the children for the day.

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On House Removals Day 

Before the removal van arrives arrange for children and pets to be drop off or collected. On the day of the move wake children early provide them with a breakfast and goody bag with some pack lunch and drinks to take with them.

Gather all house keys, garage door keys and window keys. If you are renting or selling your home you will need to provide the land lord or the new home owner with the new house keys. Be sure to label all keys so the new home owner knows what they are for.

Take meter readings and provide them to your water, gas and electric supplier. Now your are finally moving home the movers have arrived to move your furniture, this is a good time to take your meter readings, which can be some time found in the electric cupboard, or on the wall out side of your house. It is important you provide the readings to your providers before you leave the property so that you are not charge for gas or electric that you have not used as your current home will be occupied with new tenants.

Arrange the payment for your removals company. Some removal companies will take your payment before the move has gone ahead, some will take payment in cash on the day of the move, some will take card payments and some may accept a cheque or bank transfer. Be sure to know exactly which method your removals company would like to use, so you can have your cards or cash ready for when the move is complete.

Sit back relax and let the movers and packers do their job. If you are lucky enough to have professional movers and packers you can relax a little bit more knowing the moving process is in safe hands. All you will need to do is delegate the move and let the movers know where you would like your furniture to placed and positioned.

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At The New House

Clean each room one by one, asking friends or family to assist with this can help to make the process simple and stress free.

Unpack removal boxes as soon as the movers bring them in. Unpacking your removal boxes will help to save a lot of space within your home, boxes take up a lot of room and can leave you struggling for space. If the boxes are packed in time for when the movers have finished, they may some times take the boxes away for you. On the other hand if your new home is big enough you may want to store the boxes in a spare room until the weekend.

Request that the movers put up all beds and wardrobes, especially in the children’s bedrooms. So that when they arrive they can feel at home spending time in their new bedroom that is all complete with their favorite toys and pictures.

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Searching For Removal Companies in Nottingham or Nottinghamshire

If you are moving home and need the help of a professional removals and packing company, then please get in touch with the team at MnM Removals. We can provide you with the best quote, moving advice and removal services. We have specialist team of qualified home movers and packers in Nottingham and Nottinghamshire that will work above and beyond to ensure your house removal is a success and stress free.

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0800 0025 543