Top Tips On How To Pack House Removal Boxes Like A Pro

Moving from a large family home for the first time can be quite scary for some people to cope with. Many people relocating from home to home can find it overwhelming when they first realise all the things that moving home involves. Today we are going to explain the best way for you to start packing removal boxes just like how the professional movers do.

Packing removal boxes is not as straight forward as you may think. The trick when packing your home is to ensure that any item smaller than a microwave ends up in a removal box. Using crisp boxes as an alternative to removal boxes can work but is not the best of options when it comes to keeping your belongings safe once in transit.

The best packing removal boxes you should use when moving home are double wall corrugated cardboard removal boxes this type of box has 2 corrugated cardboard layers joined together adding extra strength to the removal boxes. Removal boxes come in various sizes Small, Medium Large and Extra Large.

Prices start from as low as £2 – £5 per box.

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    How Do I Pack My House Removal Boxes?

    Essential Tips To Follow When Packing Removal Boxes For Your Move

    Tip: 1. If doing your own home packing ensure to use double walled removal boxes.

    Tip: 2. Before Packing Breakables into removal boxes, always lay bubble wrap on the floor of the box first, then add layers of bubble wrap between each item and on the top before securing the box with tape.

    Tip: 3. Always pack any thing smaller than a microwave in to removal boxes.

    Tip: 4. Pack heavier items like books or food into small or medium removal boxes. As this will make it easy for you to lift or move the boxes.

    Tip: 5. Only purchase unused top quality double wall removal boxes. As these will not get squashed or crushed when stacked on top of each other inside the removal vehicle.

    Tips: 6. Never over pack removal boxes. Always make sure that the top of the boxes are even and smooth so you can stock other boxes on top.

    Tip: 7. Never pack extra large removal boxes with heavy items. These boxes should be used for light items like bedding.

    Tip: 8. Let children pack their own removal boxes that they can use to decorate or colour in.

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