Find All The Ways On How to Protect Floors & carpets When Moving House

This guide will explain the best options and solutions on how to lay down floor protection for laminate flooring and carpets when moving house

Thinking of buying new furniture, moving it from home to home or from just around the house. You will need to think of the damage that heavy bulkier items can have to the walls, floors and the carpets in your home.

If moving out of a rented property, where you are solely depending on getting back your deposit from your estate agents or land lords. Then the last thing you need is dented or chipped flooring, that could jeopardise you getting your deposit back in full.

So always read the following guide on How to Protect Floors & carpets When Moving House.

Try using cardboard boxes

Double wall cardboard boxes are actually a good cost-effective way to protect your hard flooring and carpets when moving home. They are sturdy strong and can be walked on over and over again. Even when wet.

How to cover floors using cardboard

If you have a large room or floor space that you want to protect. Try getting 1 or 2 large size removal boxes, open them up so that you can lay them down on the floor. All thats left is to tape the corners together to stop the cardboard from moving or sliding.

This is a simple, cheaper method to using the usual No Nonsense or Jiffy floor protection.

Plastic floor protectors

How to Protect Floors & Carpets When Moving House

When preparing for your house removal plastic floor protection is also a great way to stop floors and carpets from getting dirty when moving house. There are various makes and sizes on the market. The most popular being

No Nonsense and Jiffy rolls.

Plastic floor protection can be an expensive option costing around £17 for 25m x 500mm. To install your plastic floor protection simply roll it out on the surface you want to protect.

Avoid putting furniture directly on to the floors

On removals day you will want to avoid placing heavy furniture directly on to the floor. Instead dismantle into smaller sections, as this will make it less heavy and easier for you to carry through the house. Never drag furniture or pull them when on the floor as this will result in long scrapes across the floors.

Always wear plastic shoe protectors

How to Protect Floors & Carpets When Moving House

What you can do to protect floors and stop them getting damaged is to purchase some floor protectors.

  • They are one size fits all
  • Easily disposable.
  • 1 box cost about £5
  • Has about 100 disposable shoes inside

There are a few different types, some that are sturdier than others. Always have disposable shoe protectors available on removals day as you and the movers will be in and out of your home.

Lay down some old pieces of carpets matts and rugs

How to Protect Floors & Carpets When Moving House

Where possible put some large rugs, old carpets and door matts down. Especially in places where you are going to place furniture down on to the floor, like near doors. Carpets are thick, strong and will help to stop floors getting damaged when heavy furniture is placed on top.

Use a sack truck with rubber wheels

How to Protect Floors & Carpets When Moving House

To move larger items like

  • fridges
  • freezers
  • washers

Use a sack truck that has rubber wheels. This will stop the floor getting marked and make it easier to wheel large furniture over smooth floors and out of the house.

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