Moving House? Find out how to save money with your house removals company when moving home

Looking for ways on how to save money with your house removals company when moving to a new home. This removals guide is packed with practicle tips, that can be used to make your house removal much more cost-effective. We are all aware that moving home is not cheap. Removal companies can charge any thing from £1000 up to £3000 for a standard 3-4 bedroom house removal, moving just 100 miles away.

Get Expert Advice On How To Save Money With Your House Removals Company When Moving

This removal guide will help you to do the right things when moving home, as well as helping you to save money with your house removals company.

Every one wants to save on moving cost when choosing a house removals company, but we must weigh up some important options along the way. Some options may include:

  • Whether to pack or leave it to the movers
  • Finding your own boxes and packaging or using your removal companies
  • Hiring a small van and completing the move your self or hiring a removal company, team and large truck
  • To use your own insurance cover or use the insurance cover from your removals company

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Follow These Helpful Tips on How To Save Money With Your House Removals Company When Moving Home

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Get at least 3 quotes from different removal companies

When searching for a removals company you are going to want good value for your money. To get the best value and resources for your house removal you will need to compare the costs with at least 3 other removal companies. This way you will be able to build a picture of the company you plan to choose, the services they offer and the price difference between the 3 companies.

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Always ask your removals company for a home survey

Always request a FREE home survey from your removals company. No matter how big or small your move is. It is always a good idea to let your removals company visit your home to assess your furniture and belongings.

This is a standard procedure for removal companies and enables them to fulfill your exact needs and requirements.

Your home survey should be a FREE service with no obligation to booking in with that company. The home survey exists so removal companies can see first hand of what your house removal will involve. A free home survey helps people to get the most affordable removals quote that is accurate for your move.

It also helps to avoid any issues with your removals company on removals day as they know exactly what to expect.

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Before you move house get rid of the clutter

Another excellent way when thinking of how to save money with your house removals company is to have a clear out of old furniture. Removal companies tend to base their removal quotes on the weight and volume of your furniture. The best thing to do before moving to the new home is to arrange a house clearance.

Go through your whole house room by room. Decide which items or furniture you wish to keep or take to the new house (label them green).  Then decide which items of furniture you wish to donate to charity or give away to friends (label them yellow). For all your old dirty or tatty items, belongings and furniture send for recycling (label red).

This way you reduce the amount of things in your home that you no longer want, love, use or need. As well as reducing the clutter and making more space within your new home. Many house clearance companies will remove almost any item or furniture for clearance.

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Did you know the days you move home could affect your removal costs

Many removal companies tend to charge a lower rate during the mid-week period when things are a little quieter. However the lower rate can change dramatically if moving on a Friday, at Weekends or Bank Holiday’s.

The time of year may also affect the price you pay for your move. The summer is a peak time for removal companies and this may reflect in the price you pay for your move. Winter time October to December can be a busy time too as many people want to move home before Christmas.

Always double-check with your house removals company in advance if they charge lower rates for moving on less busier days as this may help to save money with your house removals company.

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Save money on costly mistakes that could be avoided when moving home

Planning and organizing is the key part to any successful house removal. For your move to be successful you will need to know and do a lot of things. Some of which includes

  • How to pack removal boxes and furniture properly
  • Knowing exactly what time the new house keys will be released
  • Communicating regularly with your house removals company
  • Show your move coordinator all items of furniture when completing a viewing
  • If packing your self make sure all items are packed before the movers arrive
  • Arrange storage as a precaution incase something does not fit into the new house

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Insure your furniture and belongings when moving home

When removal companies offer removal insurance to their clients it is an added extra on top of the removals quote. However the value of your furniture as whole could run into thousands of pounds. Replacing a damaged sofa could cost £1000. You will need to weigh up the options on whether you would like to have your removal companies insurance or run the chance without it.

Removal insurance could cost an extra £200 -£350 on top of your removal quote. If you have expensive, sentimental or delicate items that you love and cherish its best to get them insured by your self or your removals company before the move takes place.

Before choosing a removal company double-check exactly what will be insured and what will not. Read through the terms and conditions carefully, as there are always some thing hidden in the small print that you did not notice.

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Ways you can save money when buying removal boxes and packaging for your move

Clothing, bedding, cushions, towels, newspaper and magazines are great for packaging on a budget. They can be used to protect and cushion delicate items like picture, ornaments, tv etc.

Removal boxes and packaging can cost over £100 -£200 depending on what you need. This is based on a standard 2-3 bedroom house which can take up a big chunk out of people’s moving budget.

The best thing to do, is to use as many materials as you can with your home to pack up some of your items, instead of packing them all away into removal boxes. A duvet cover is perfect for covering large delicate items. Black bags or vacuum bags are perfect for packing clothes and take up less space in the removal truck. When using wardrobe boxes you will fit around 5 suits, plus each wardrobe box can cost £11 each.

If you know someone who has recently moved house they may have some spare boxes left over that they could give to you. Many removal companies may offer used boxes at a reduced price and some may offer you used boxes for FREE just to win your custom.

Avoid using crisp boxes as these boxes are very thin and crush when stacked on top of each other. You must use double wall boxes to protect your furniture and belongings when moving home.

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Decide exactly how much help you will need from your house removals company

Another way to reduce the costs of moving house is to do some of the work your self. Many people who move home keep moving costs low by doing their own packing to help save on the costs of moving. This can be a good thing and a bad thing.

The good thing is you save on the packing costs. The bad thing is some removal companies insurance policies may not cover your items if they are not packed by your removals company, this is some thing you will need to bear in mind when moving house.

However there is a solution to get around this. You pack up your non expensive and NON fragile items like clothing etc, the movers can then come in and pack the fragile items only. Making the packing costs a lot cheaper than packing the entire house. This is called a part home packing services, where you request what items you need help packing up.

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Compare Service Providers

Another great way to save money when moving home is to compare the costs with your service providers. Moving home is a great time to save on your gas, electricity, water, tv, phone, broadband, car insurance and other services you may need around the home.

Follow our guide on How To Save Money With Your House Removals Company to ensure that you and your family have a happy removal experience