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  • Introduction

Moving home is a stressful process, so you have to plan things ahead of time to enjoy a peaceful move. Storage is another problem faced when moving home. Many things may get broken and lost or misplaced if you have no storage solutions.

But don’t worry from now on, as we have gathered some amazing self storage tips for moving home. This is the ultimate guide to self storage when moving home.

  • Storage Solutions When Moving House

As the moving day gets nearer, you will get overwhelmed because there are several things you need to do, such as sorting, packing, registering your new address, and sorting new home utilities.

A storage facility when moving home can ease some of your pressure. It means not necessarily all the things should be done in a day.

You can quickly get the items you currently don’t want out of your house and only move them into your new home when there is free space. This way, you won’t lose your things, making you stress-free.

For examples, you want your garden shed to go up and bring all your garden tools. The Garden shed will take time, and you don’t want these tools to clutter your new home. So the solution is to put them in a storage facility until you need them.

You will face other problems when moving home, and storage facilities can also help you. For example, your moving date is postponed, work is going on in your new home, and you are uncertain of the space available for keeping certain things in your new home.

Moreover, if you sell your old home and rent an apartment until buying a new home, you will need to put your belongings somewhere. A Storage facility does wonders in a situation like this as well. You are happy that all of your items are in good condition.

  • What is self-storage?

Self-storage centres are where you can purchase units or space for a certain amount of time to keep your belongings. There are large lockers and even big rooms in self-storage centres.

The self-storage is safe, and units can be locked from the outside, and there is also additional security of CCTV and intruder alarms. The time duration of storage, size and cost all are flexible.

  • When should you use storage?

• You should use storage to clear some parts of the house before moving day.
• You should use self-storage if you plan to decorate or renovate your new home.
• Anyone facing extra complications on moving day can use self-storage. Etc.

  • How do you choose a storage facility?

If you find it hard to choose a storage facility, read on to learn what things to consider for selecting a storage facility.

• The security

Theft is a significant risk in storage facilities, but you can minimise it by choosing a storage facility with a bold security system.

Extensive facilities with 24/7 unsupervised access can mostly be unsafe. Many storage facility thefts are done by people who pose themselves as customers. If every room in the storage facility is not alarmed, it is a concern. A padlock is a very thing standing between your items and the thief, and it can be cut easily.

Moreover, if you think that the customer supervision and CCTV are suitable for your storage, buy a reliable brand’s high-quality padlock. Keep your keys always safe.

Try to find a storage facility near your home; you can sometimes come and check if everything is ok.

• The condition of the building

Your possessions can also be at risk if the condition of the storage facility building is not good.

If the building is old or a shipping container, internal conditions such as humidity aren’t monitored, and no one looks well after it. Then look for another storage facility Centre.

Suppose the storage you have chosen looks okay. Still, you can do some things. You can purchase a battery-operated humidity operator.

If you see droplets on walls and ceilings and humidity is over 50%, then use damp sticks and other tools to reduce it.

  •  The route to your unit

When you go as a customer in a storage facility Centre, you might be shown another room and given another one. A reasonably small storage facility is not a problem, but if their storage facility has many rooms, taking your stuff in and out can be quite a problem if you are not on the ground floor near the door.

Your bill increases if it takes more time for the removal team to move your belongings. Get a discount if you are given a room far from the door. So consider the ease of access to your unit always.

  • Combine removals and storage

It is good to have the same removal company move your stuff into their facility centre, keep them safe, and move them out again. This way, your removal company is responsible for the whole process, and if something goes wrong, they will look after it themselves. We offer both removal and storage services.

  • How much will storage cost?

There is not an exact amount to say how much storage costs. It’s dependent on several factors, such as the size of the unit and for how long you will be using it. Thus, there are many elements of the cost of storage that you will need to look at.

  • Look for weekly billing

Many companies bill customers monthly. Sometimes you may be using it for only 20 days. You are paying for one extra week without using it. That’s why I am looking for a storage company that bills weekly. It gives you a little bit of flexibility.

  • Choose the unit size rightly

Choose the right size unit. Because when you arrive at the storage facility Centre and find that your unit is small for your items, you will have to upgrade it to a bigger size. Be prepared for the price and hire the correct size. It is essential to purge your possessions and keep only all the necessary items. Small storage will be okay this way, and you will be saving some money.

  • Insurance

Even if the storage facility is safe, taking out an insurance policy is still worth it to cover all of your belongings, If your current home insurance doesn’t cover them.

Insurance policy directly with the storage companies can be expensive, so be aware of it. As most storage facilities are secure, look for a storage facility that is not too expensive. Whenever choosing an insurance policy, always ensure that concerned authorities regulate the insurance policy.

Storage Tips For Moving Home

  •  Start planning early

Planning is essential for a fantastic house moving experience. It is advised to start planning early about what you need to do ahead. You can think of which rooms to pack first. You can quickly figure out this by asking what space you use the least and filling them first. Go in most used rooms because they will decrease disruption.

You can move home with the help of professional removals and yourself. If you hire home removals, you don’t need to worry about many things. They have packages that include packing and unpacking items and their materials. If you have a small number of belongings to move, you may move home yourself. Otherwise, booking a removal is the best option.

But if you want to move home yourself, you need to take help from some friends on moving day. So planning also includes informing your friends if they are accessible on a moving day and could help you or not?

  • Arrange moving supplies

Arrange in advance all the supplies you need to pack your items. So when you begin packing, you don’t need to look for packing tape. This saves you and helps you enjoy a stress-free packing experience.

Some Essential moving supplies are as below.

• Boxes: get boxes of suitable size
• Bubblewrap
• Tapes
• Labels: all sizes
• Fillers
• Scissors
• Markers and pens

You can store all the materials you have packed in a separate room or use a storage unit until the move. Doing this gives you a sense of achievement and stress-free sleep.

  • Declutter your belongings

The decluttering of your belongings is the fun part of moving home. Here you will see each item and decide what to keep, donate and sell.

Separate the materials you will keep from others and pack all of them in boxes later on.

There may be some old items you don’t want to use; you can throw them in the dustbins. Then some items are in good condition, but you don’t need them any more or want an upgraded version of them. So you may go to donate such items.

The process of decluttering your belongings is exciting and a must.

Getting rid of unwanted stuff in the decluttering process saves you some money if you book a removal company. Since if you have more materials to move, you need to book a bigger vehicle, so the cost increases.

  • Hire A Storage Unit

When you are moving home, you may not be able to take all the items with you to the new home, and also, you can’t just leave them behind. In a scenario like this, a storage place is what you need.

We here at MnM Removals provide self-storage facilities at flexible prices. If you anticipate that there are items that would never make it out of storage, then sell them instead of throwing them in the bin.

Storage units are not just for overflow
storage, but they are the best places for storing seasonal items like Christmas lights, hiking equipment and gear and many more.

  • Sell Your Items

Isn’t it a good idea to make some money out of items that you don’t need and or you will throw them away anyway? Of course, it is.

If there are certain items that you don’t want anymore, you may think of throwing them. It is better to make some cash from them.

You can sell your items in many ways. Hosting a car boot sale is the fun and most accessible one through which you can sell old stuff quickly and earn extra cash. You can also sell your items online. However, if you want to be generous, you can donate certain unwanted items to a charity.

Get Started with packing

When you have sorted out all the items, it is high time to get started with packing, as it is not an easy task and takes time.

Some Essential packing tips are as below.

Boxes: You need to have both small and more significant boxes. Put heavier items in small packages and light items in more giant boxes. When you put both heavy and delicate items in the same box, the chances of breaking are higher.

Pack Similar Items Together: You need to be efficient in packing items. For example, pack similar items together in a box, such as toiletries and your electrical’s.

Make Sure to Fill all The Gaps: Filling all the gaps saves space. You can use your clothes as box fillers, as you will take your clothes with you anyway. It helps protect fragile items as well.

Don’t overpack boxes: Lifting over-packed boxes are tricky, and you can also hurt yourself. Always pack boxed up to the extent that it can easily be lifted.

Secure your boxes. Wrap all the breakable items with bubble wrap once you have filled a box; tape it well outside, so no things fall or get damaged. Sure, you don’t want to lose your shoes or take a cracked lamp.

Be organised: When you have packed all the boxes, label them clearly. Write down what’s inside them and their room no.

  • Removal Company

When you have done all the packing work, it’s time to chill and enjoy accomplishing this not-so-easy task. Now the moving date is getting nearer, and you want to make sure all of your items safely get to your new home.

We suggest you believe only in the professionals. The significant part is that you are in the right place and don’t need to go anywhere else. You have finally booked the removal company and tomorrow is the moving day. It’s time to say farewell to your old home and hello to your new home, with all of your items safely reaching the house.

  • Conclusion

Storage facilities offer us a lots of benefits. It is specifically important for us when moving home. Choosing the right storage is as important as storage itself. So don’t rush and look for a storage facility carefully. Follow all the guidelines mentioned in this blog post to reach the right storage facility Centre. We hope this ultimate guide to storage when moving home will help you in many ways.