Find The Best Money Saving Tips When Moving Home

Moving home and hiring a professional house removals company, doesn’t have to be an expensive job at all. Our step by step guide on money saving tips when moving home will ensure that you do the right things to cut the cost of moving and your house removals right down.

Moving companies usually charge based on the volume of items, furniture and man power needed to complete your home move. The size and nature of your move will reflect the overall price you will have to pay. Listed below are some simple money saving tips when moving home.

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keeping cost downkeeping the cost down when moving home :

  • Donate old and unwanted items and furniture to your local charities. (This will reduce the volume and weight of items to be moved)
  • Pass on unwanted clothing and belongings to friends and family or donate to local charities.
  • Have a yard sale to sell all unwanted items, furniture and belongings, which will help to bring in extra money to pay for your move.
  • Place furniture with online websites like Gumtree, Facebook or Ebay to get a return on your unwanted furniture and belongings

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recycleSell, give away, recycle or donate to your local charity:

  • Books (that you have not read for many years)
  • Records and CDs (that are all out of season and can easily be replaced)
  • Clothing and shoes (that are old and you will not where again or have not worn for some time)
  • Toys (maybe your children are older and still have unused toys stored in the loft etc)
  • Garden tools ( if moving from large property to a small property you will not need the ride on lawn mower)
  • Fire wood ( which can be bought in your new area)
  • Weight lifting machines (these items can weigh a considerable amount which can increase the price of your move)
  • Cutlery, pot, pans, kettle and other kitchen utensils

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furnitureHave a house clearance :

When considering how to save money on the cost of moving home, having a clear out and selling or donating furniture and items that you have not used in a long while is a good way of keep moving costs low. Check through your rooms, garage, attic, basement and collect up all those items, furniture, clothes, old electronics, books only if it is unlikely that you will never use or need them again.

If you have sentimental and valuable items hold on to them. However if you find tons of items you forgot about, give them away or donate them on to your local charities. This will save you time and money when moving home. The less stuff you have to move the cheaper it will cost and the less cluttered your new home will be.

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listStay organized and make lists : 

Organization is the key for an efficient and successful move. The more efficient you are, the less you will have to pay. When you have organized every aspect of your move and know exactly how much it is all going to cost, only then will you be able to save on your move. Make lists on task that you can complete and try to stick to them.

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removal companyHiring a professional house removal company : 

It’s ok to consider low cost house removal firms, but make sure you are hiring a reputable moving company, sometimes the cheapest option is not always the best. It is important that house removal companies are licensed and insured and have a good reputation to carry out your move to the highest of standards. That way you will prevent any moving scams or unexpected charges during the moving process.

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priceNegotiate on price : 

Most house removal companies will always work to a customers budget and needs, so never give up trying to negotiating with them. Be honest and upfront about exactly what you can afford and have to be moved to the new home. Negotiating should not mean that you have to compromise on the quality of the service you receive.

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infoOther Essential Money Saving Tips

  • Many people relocating to a new home for working purposes, may be entitled to claim back some moving expenses if not all of it through their company.
  • Be sure to receive at least 3 removal quotes that you can provide to your employer if needed.
  • Finding cheap good quality removal boxes can help keep the cost of moving down.
  • Ask friends and family to lend a helping hand packing and unpacking at your new home.
  • If moving a short distance moving a few essentials in the boot of your car can help to keep moving costs low.
  • Move during the beginning of the month and on a Monday or Tuesday which are moving companies least busiest times.
  • If possible avoid moving on Friday’s, as this can be a busy day for removal companies.
  • Book your move well in advance, many removal companies offer discounts when customers book in advance.
  • Be sure that all contracts have been exchange and you have the keys to your new property before the removal men arrive at your new home, this will avoid lengthy waiting times and additional charges.
  • Be sure you have insurance in place for your move, this can be provided by your moving company.
  • If you are completing your own packing be sure every thing is taken down, boxed and ready for when the removal men arrive. If things are not ready your moving company may not take it and apply additional waiting charges.