Moving house in Leicester or across Leicestershire 

It is recommended that you consider whether moving into Leicester city centre is the right choice for you. Factors such as parking issues, noise levels and the types of people in the vicinity should be considered and, can all play a part in whether moving into the city centre is a good decision or not.

Parking – Many types of accommodation within the city centre do not have allocated parking for residents. Hence unless the accommodation you are interested in has allocated parking, you may be faced with very limited on street parking availability. In turn this may mean you will be forced to use city centre car parks and pay their sky-high parking charges. Therefore, it is recommended that you examine any parking issues before making a move into Leicester city centre.

Noise levels – Leicester is the third-most densely populated European Union city; it has approximately 750 people per km² and covers an area of 2,084 km2 (804 square miles). Its largest population centre is the city of Leicester, followed by the town of Loughborough.
Many visitors are attracted to Leicester for various reasons. The reasons they visit Leicester include football, cricket and rugby events, local tourist attractions, professional and academic commuting amongst others. Over the years Leicester has been placed on the map due to Leicester City foot ball team winning the premier league and the mysterious bones of King Richard lll that were found. Hence because of the high volumes of tourists, students, professionals, sports fans and other commuters the noise levels created can be much higher than within the suburbs of Leicestershire.

Local community – The many different types of people may need to be contemplated, as Leicester city centre is a hub for people of all walks of life. From students, vagabonds, sports fans, professionals, revellers and shoppers. The city centre is not considered family orientated out of office hours and other unsociable hours of the day, subsequently noise and crime levels may be higher. The highest forms of crime are anti-social behaviour, violence and sexual offences.

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