Tips and Advice on How to pack Jewelry when Moving Home in Clifton, Nottinghamshire

How to pack jewelry when moving home in Clifton, Nottinghamshire is a tricky question especially if you don’t have a jewelry box, (and even if you do). The last thing you want is to be left with a load of un paired  earings, knotted necklaces and broken clasps. Following our advice will help protect your jewelry during your house removal.

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You will already have enough expenses associated with moving home so spending a lot of money to safely pack your jewellery is not something you will want to do. We have put together some practical yet cost-effective tips to help you figure out how to pack Jewellery when Moving Home in Clifton, Nottinghamshire.

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Small Plastic Bags

Small clear, zip-close plastic bags are ideal for separating pieces of Jewellery you can then put them into a larger bag.

Pieces of card

Use safety pins to poke holes into pieces of card and stick your earrings through them. You can then wrap the card in bubble wrap or place them into the small plastics bags to keep them from snagging on anything else.

Drinking Straws

To prevent chains from tangling up slip them through a drinking straw and close the clasp. Straws can be cut down to size if required.

Pill Boxes

Pill boxes are also and ideal and cheap solution for how to pack jewellery when moving home in Clifton, Nottinghamshire. With the individual built-in compartments being ideal for stud earrings, necklaces and rings.

Roll Up Travel Bags

For your most precious items of jewellery you can purchase specialist roll up travel bags that are designed specifically for jewellery. They lay flat when open and roll up small when closed.

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On the day of your move it is always advisable to keep your jewelry in your  carry bag and take it in the car with you. 

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If you are Moving Home in Clifton, Nottinghamshire