The key to packing a home for removals in Leicester is to ensure that all items within the house are bubble wrapped and place safley in to removal boxes. Below we have listed a guide for you to follow that will help you when packing a home for removals in Leicester.

Use the the tips below for your house removal in Leicester

Items you will need when packing a home for removals in Leicester

  • Bubble Wrap
  • Removal Blankets
  • Removal Boxes
  • Wardrobe Boxes
  • Wrapping Paper
  • Tape – fragile & brown

The key to packing your home is to box up anything smaller than a microwave

Start the packing early

Depending on the size of home you have will depend on how long the packing will take. When packing a home for removals in Leicester you want to start as early as possible. We estimate usually 8 weeks prior to the actual move taking place. However in the reality of things this is not always the case.

De Clutter

Another major factor people will need to consider when packing a home for removals in Leicester is that they may need to arrange a house clearance. A house clearance is the best way to quickly dispose of old tatty and worn out furniture. Many removal companies will provide a house clearance prior to competing the move.

Create a removal inventory

Another important factor you could do to help when packing a home for a removals in Leicester is to create a house removal inventory. A removal inventory is a list of all the items you wish to be moved and packed. All removal boxes should be numbered with the correct rooms, ie bedroom, kitchen or bathroom. You can also provide the inventory to your movers, so that they can provide you with a more fair and accurate quote.

Pack the up the rooms you dont use first

If you are aware you are moving but have not had a confirmation of your move date yet, you may want to start packing and preparing some of your belongings ahead of time. Instead of packing up the rooms you are still using, start packing up the spare rooms or the rooms you dont use.

As a reminder take pictures

Before you start to disconnect all your appliances, tvs, videos, hi fi’s etc, it could be a good idea to take quick snap shots of the items as a guide for when you come to fit them all together.


To help speed up the process when packing a home for removals in Leicester it is important that all boxes and items are labelled. Once the removal men have arrive at your new home they will need to know exactly which rooms each item is going to. By labelling each item the movers will not need to stop and ask you every 5 mins where each box is going. So labelling your furniture and items is very important part of the move.

Keep all valuables & documents safe

When packing a home for a removals in Leicester you will want to make sure all of your most precious items, jewelry and valuables are kept in your possession at all times. Money, spare car keys, passports etc should not be loaded on to the removal vehicle. Instead place them in the boot of a relative’s car where you will be sure they will be safe at all times.

How to pack removal boxes

When packing removal boxes you want to avoid packing large boxes to heavy.

Large removal boxes are for packing light items like bedding or children’s toys

Medium boxes are for packing stereos, large pots and ornaments.

Small removal boxes are for packing up heavy items like books, cutlery and paper work. Once the boxes are full, cushion the side of the boxes with bubble to stop the items moving inside.

Packing larger furniture for removals

When taking down beds, wardrobes, dining tables etc, you will want to make sure all the screws and bolts are placed in to a bag and labelled. You can use corrugated cardboard rolls to pack items like tables or chairs if required. All sofas and mattresses should be placed into a sofa or mattress protector.

Tips for packing clothes when moving home in Leicester

When packing a home for removals in Leicester you are going to need to transport all of your clothes. Now wardrobe boxes are perfect for moving clothes but you will struggle to fit 4 or 5 suits comfortably. You could purchase clothing bags from your local dry cleaner or or you could use bin liners as a more cost effective option and will allow you to keep them on hangers.

Preparing white goods for removals

You will want to give your self enough time to defrost your fridge and freezer. Disconnect from the mains and leave the doors ajar at all times to avoid mold. Disconnect and drain the water from tumble dryers, dishwashers and washing machines before the movers arrive.t

Pack a over night box

If you have arrive at the new house for the first time, you are going to need a box with all the important things you need for the first night in your new home. Below is a list of things you may need to pack.

  • Toothpaste & toothbrush
  • Kettle, rugs, coffee milk and sugar
  • Light bulbs
  • Kids toy
  • Nappies, toilet roll
  • Food

If you need professional help packing a home for removals in Leicester

Packing a home for removals in Leicester