Moving Home – How To Prepare Your House For Sale

Are you moving house? Has your home been on the property market for some time? Is your home lacking the presentation the buyer needs? If so, the following guide on how to sell your property will ensure you take the correct measure to ensuring your home presentation is spot on and your home is sold quickly. When selling your home you must feel confident that the property will meet the needs of the buyer. Which in return will reassure the people buying your home that it is the best choice. When you look at modern homes, being built around the UK, the colors the builders use are very neutral and appealing to the 1000s of people who view them. This helps the buyer as they can imagine the property as they would like to see it and the seller as they secure a successful sale of the property. Below you can find exactly what you need to do when selling your home or property.

How To Prepare Your Home For Sale To Potential Home Buyers

Things you can do to sell your home fast


Get Your Garden To The Highest Standards

  • The first thing people notice when viewing your home is the front garden, the garden will play a major role on how the home buyer will view the rest of the property. Have your front door and garden area trimmed and cleaned up. A professional gardener will make a massive difference to the look and feel of your garden, making it stand out fantastically to the potential buyer.

Make Sure Every Brick Is In Its Rightful Place

  • External walls, windows, guttering and driveways must all be up to date, with no holes in the walls or lose brick work, windows will need to be modern, with no rotten wood or condensation built up. Attending to these items and getting them fixed will help the buyer save money by not having to pay extra money to have these items sorted out, which give the buyer more reason to buy.

Keep Files, Records & Pictures Of All Building Work Done

  • When having professional work carried out on your home, it is vital you keep all records, building certificates and documents that you can comfortably present to the new potential home buyer, this will reassure them that you have look after and spent a great of time and money to get your home to this perfect standard.

De-Clutter Create The Space Your Home Needs For A Sale

  • If you are in great need of seeing your home fast, you will need to either get rid of the of your personal home belongings and furniture or place them into a self storage unit. This will give your home a lot of room and space, so the new buyer can picture having their items within the rooms. Space is what people buying a home are looking for. The more space and the bigger your rooms feel the more chance you have of selling the property.

Lay Out Your Home Furniture For The Best Out Come

  • When laying out and organizing the furniture think of it like a hotel, try not to have to many items lying around doing nothing, for example news papers, cups of coffee or children’s toys, keep these items well out of sight. One or two cuddly toys on the bed is fine but to many could distract the buyer from what you really want them to see. Bedrooms shouldn’t have much in them a bed 2 chest of draws is just fine along with a mirror and picture on the wall. You can add extra features or colors using things like lamp shades, and side lights etc.

Fix All Cupboard Hinges & Squeaking Doors 

  • Fix all fixtures, fittings and doors that are squeaking or require a missing screw, hinge or a drop of oil, the last thing you want is for the buyer to open the kitchen cupboards and the door comes off or the door to rooms don’t open properly so extra force is needed when open it. When selling your home you only want positive feedback from the buyer so don’t hesitate, get those fixtures and fittings sorted.

Up Date Bathroom & Kitchen Utensils

  • If your bath, toilet and sink is old and due a new one, have these replaced for a more cleaner, white and modern set, as these can be located cheaply and will give your bathroom a fresher feel. The same applies for the kitchen as these are the rooms of the house that offers the buyer a real boost when it comes to buying a new home.

Gather The Intelligence First & Put It Right

  • Remember your home buyer will want to gather as much information about the home as possible before they make that big choice of signing on the dotted line. The home buyer will assign a building surveyor to check the external and internal foundations of the property before buying, which will notify the buyer of any possible dangers or hazards the property has. Its always a good idea for the seller to know these issues in advance so they can be rectified and put right before the property goes on to the housing market.

Let The New Home Buyers Feel At Home 

  • The living room is where the new family will spend most of their time in the home, try to make this the room where they can sit, relax and talk comfortably about the property. Make the buyers feel at home by offering them some where comfortable to sit, with cake, tea and biscuits to eat. This will help them to feel at ease and imagine how they could be living, relaxing and conversating with their family, friends and guest.

Paint Your Home Using Clean, Bright, Neutral colors

  • When it comes to decorating your home you must go with light, airy and neutral colors, these colors are effective as they give the room a bigger feel, and is not seen as offensive to the buyer. These colors appeal to both young people, elderly people, men and women meaning your home could be bought by any potential buyer, as long as it ticks all the boxes. This is the only way you will truly sell your home, the quickest way possible. There are 1000s of homes currently on the housing market in Nottingham and Nottinghamshire right now for your buyers to choose from, so it’s very important that your home stands out from the rest to win that potential buyer.


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