Moving house with pet cats. Find out how you can start preparing your cats for removals when moving home

Relocating to a new home with cats can be a stressful and distressing time for the both of you. The home is a place where cats are use to and feel safe and secure. Moving home may disrupt your cats normal routine. If you are faced with preparing your cats for removals when moving home, you’ll find practical tasks and solutions to help make life easier for you and your cats when moving house.

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Preparing Your Cats For Removals When Moving Home

Pet cats can become unsettled when preparing for your house removals

Preparing your cats for removals when moving home, you will need to be aware of a few important factors. Remember, when moving house your home will look like a bombs hit it. Boxes all around. This will make it easy for your cats to get lost in the house or go out unseen. Moving house disrupts the cats normal routine and some stop using the litter tray and instead hide their mess behind removal boxes. This shows that your cats are experiencing the stress of moving home just like you. Read on to find out how to successfully move home with your pet cats.

Things you can do to help keep pets settled when preparing your cats for removals when moving home

There are so many things you can do to keep your pet cats safe when moving home. Below is a list of options you can use to ensure cats are kept safe and secure when preparing for your move.

  • When packing your home, try to arrange all removal boxes into a spare room. Boxes take up a lot of room in the house when stacked up, so its best to keep them hidden out of the way and reach of the cats.
  • Ask friends or close family if they would keep the kittens for a few days, while the packing and preparation for the move is in process. This will ensure that you pay full attention to your move with out any interruptions.
  • You could also check your feline into a cattery where they can be looked after and cared for, by specialist around the clock. This will offer you peace of mind and ensure your cats have the least traumatic experience and make it safely to the new home.
  • Keep your cats locked in a spare room. Leave a note on the door to remind others not to enter, as the cats are inside. Be sure to leave bedding, food, water and litter trays out for the cats. Also a good idea to shut all windows, doors and cupboards, inside the room.

Preparing for a house removals and moving home involves so much to do and think about. Its easy to get distracted when moving home. So we always advice that you plan and organise carefully if preparing your cats for removals when moving home.

Moving with pet cats what you need to do on removals day

On removals day things will be a little more frantic for your feline friends. So, if you are hiring a removals company, notify them that you have pet cats or kittens and ensure they do not enter into the spare room. Doors in the house may be left open, especially while the movers are moving furniture in and out of the house. So if unable to have someone to look after your cats, its best to keep them locked into a spare room for their safety.

How to transport your pet cats to their new home

Tips for travelling to the new home with your cats

  • 2 Weeks before you are due to travel with your pet cat to the new house. Take them for a health check up first. This way you will know if your cat has any health issues, that may holt them being able to traveled or medicines they may need for the journey ahead.
  • Be sure that all cats have identification collars and tags with the cats name, address and contact number. If your cat has not had its identity chip then you will need to do this and update all your contact details and new address, 2 weeks prior to the move.
  • Pack a small box with all the essentials your cat needs, for the journey to the new home and once you arrive at the new house. You will need things like medicine, cats first aid kit, toys, treats, bedding and other items your cats are use to at home.
  • Cats will be ok to travel in a cat travel basket, when transporting them to the new home location. If they are nervous in any way. You can purchase some remedy and calming spray from your local vet or pet store, which will help to keep the pets calm on the journey to the new house.

Tips to ensure your cats settle comfortably into their new home

  • To help ensure cats settle into the new home, you will need to give it a good clean. Use the same cleaning products your cats are use to, as this will make it feel more like home to them.
  • Cats are territorial and may want to venture out, to see what the house and location has to offer. The best thing you can do before the movers arrive to offload, is feed the cats, let them out for 30 mins and then call them back in. The fresh air will help to keep them calm. Many cats will be anxious after such a long journey, they may not want venture out.
  • Be sure to lock the cats away, once the removal team arrives at the new house. Leave the cats with bedding, water, toys and treats so they will not be bored, hungry or thirsty.
  • Move objects that could harm your cats when locked in the room. Make sure the home and rooms are cat proof and cat friendly before letting them out to explore.
  • Leave a note on the door where the cats will be placed and let your moving team know which rooms they are in.

Adjusting cats to the outdoors and its new territory

  • Do not let cats out of the new house, until they are fully comfortable with the new surroundings. Cats will meet other friendly neighbours that may feed them, so you need to be sure that your cat knows, where he or she gets the best food and care from.
  • If you have kittens, then you will need to monitor them, when venturing out doors or into the back yard. Other neighbouring cats may be territorial and be on the prowl constantly, once they sense that they have new felines on their patch.
  • Before letting cats into the garden or outdoors, be sure to move any objects that could harm them. This could be bikes staked in the shed by the movers, nails poking out of the walls or floors, as cats love to roll and rub their body along the side of walls etc.

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