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Huntingdon is a beautiful town situated within Cambridgeshire UK where we relocate many families, o.a.p’s, professionals, and businesses. With all its local high street stores, shops, riversides and historic heritage there’s just so much to do here in Huntingdon. This town has a lot to offer with plenty to see and do, people commute from near and far to see the wonderful landscape, museums and architecture. Huntingdon is not to far from Cambridge which is 18 miles away and 78 miles away from London, making it easy accessible for commuters.

House Removals Company For Moving Home In Huntingdon

If you are planning on moving house in Huntingdon or Cambridgeshire, you will 9 times out of 10 need a reliable, insured and trusted house removals company to complete your move, ensuring it is successful and stress-free. Below we have provide some removal information and a moving checklist to help you to stay on top of your move. MnM Removals specialize in house removals, home packing, storage. clearance and piano removals, we have a specialist team of friendly and professional home movers & packers who are fully trained and qualified within the moving home industry

5 Important Things To Remember When Moving Home in Huntingdon & Cambridgeshire

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[toggle title=”Doing Your Own Packing ” state=”on” style=”solid” icon=”question-sign”]If you decide to pack and box your own belongings be sure to have them all ready in time for removals day. Packing your items professionally will ensure your removal goes smoothly and with out damaged furniture. Be sure to wrap all items especially your most expensive or your pride and joy. 


[toggle title=”Who To Inform Of Your Move” state=”off” style=”solid” icon=”question-sign”]There’s so many organisations and people to tell of your move it can be hard to see where to start. You will need to sit down, discuss and make a checklist of all the organisations, service provider and people you need to notify. A few of these organisations may include:

  • HMRC
  • DVLA
  • RAC
  • British Gas
  • TV Licensing
  • Royal Mail
  • Magazines & Newspapers
  • Health Providers
  • Schools etc


[toggle title=”Moving House On Friday’s” state=”off” style=”solid” icon=”question-sign”]Fridays are the busiest times for removal companies in Huntingdon, Cambridgeshire & the UK. Fridays are the worst days for moving home as, banks, solicitors and estate agents all close early. If your completion is on a Friday there is a possibility you may face delays, which are out of your control.


[toggle title=”Moving Home With Children” state=”off” style=”solid” icon=”question-sign”]You never now exactly how long your house removal may take, this is why if you have smaller children (especially under the age of 5) is a good idea to book them into the nursery or ask friends and family to baby sit for the day. This is because the moving process can tiring and daunting experience for younger children who may not fully understand what is going on. If you have children of a school age then it may be wise to ask some who is close to you to pick them up, as there are no guarantees as to when your house removal in Huntingdon or Cambridgeshire will be completed.


[toggle title=”Choosing A Removal Company” state=”off” style=”solid” icon=”question-sign”]Choosing the right removal company will play a big part in the success of your house removal. Take your time and choose wisely, ask friends and colleagues for recommendations and references of removal companies they have previously used. This is a great way to know first hand of what your prospective removal company is really like. When accepting a removal quote from a removal company it is not always the best choice to go with the cheapest price, especially if it is below the average of what you have already been quoted.



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