Tips for renting or buying your new home in Stamford, Market Deeping, Spalding, Bourne, Boston, Sleaford or Grantham Lincolnshire

If you are renting or buying your new home when moving home in any of the above areas in Lincolnshire, you will want to ensure you choose a home that is right for you and your family. Below we have listed some helpful tips on what you will need to do and expect when renting or buying your new home in Grantham or Lincolnshire.

Renting or buying your new home in Lincolnshire. Here are some helpful tips you can use

Renting or Buying Your New Home

Tips for buying your new home

Search the areas, schools, doctors, dentist, shops and local amenities before deciding on moving to an area. Check with local neighbours and see how they find living in the area. Spend some time researching the area you wish to live before making that big choice in your life.

Give your self enough time to find the perfect mortgage provider. There are many building societies out there providing mortgages to new home buyers or first time buyers trying to get in to the property market.

Determine the exact cost of renting or buying your new home. As a new home owner you will need to be aware of the addition fees you will need to pay. Other fees to be aware of:

  • Mortgage Preparation Fees 
  • Evaluation Fees
  • Stamp Duty Fees
  • Survey Fees
  • Building Work 
  • Removal Hire Fees

Find a recommended conveyancer, that some one you know has used successfully before. Many solicitors and licensed conveyers claim to be fast and getting your home moved, but in some cases, hiring an unprofessional conveyancer may cause delays in the moving process.

There a two main mortgages, these mortgages are called repayment mortgages and interest mortgages.

Repayment-Mortgages – Are mortgages that are paid back gradually over a period of time, until the loan or mortgage is paid off. These mortgage payments are usually made on a monthly basis. When making your monthly repayments, you will have to pay the interest on top of the mortgage, repayments.

Interest-Only-Mortgages – When choosing a interest only mortgage this will allow you to pay the interest throughout the term of the mortgage. When choosing this type of mortgage you will only pay for the interest and not the balance on the mortgage. Interest only mortgages can be a cost-effective option than the repayment mortgages.

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Tips for Renting your new home


When renting a property, usually a deposit is required, this can be 1 months rent in advance, so you will need to consider how much money you can set aside before choosing a property for rent.

Find a property

There are many home on the market for renting purposes. To ensure you locate a home that is fit for living and in a nice area you can visit your local estate agents. They will have a list of properties to rent in the local area.

Can you afford monthly payments

Determine exactly how much rent you can afford to pay each month to your land lord. Set a realistic budget of what you can pay each month. This will help you to manage your property more easily, when it comes to paying the rent.

Renting or Buying Your New Home

If you are moving home in Lincolnshire