You have finally sold your home, now its time to prepare for moving house in Desford the parish of Hinckley & Bosworth district

It can be very difficult and stressful for people to leave a home they have lived in for over 30 years or all their life. But it’s also the perfect opportunity to make a fresh start in life, moving to a new home and surroundings, meeting new neighbors and visiting different social clubs and attractions within the new area can make a big impact on your life. The key for any successful removal is planning and organizing or using a moving home checklist and guide just like this one. This guide on selling your home & preparing for house removals in Desford will help to ensure you make the right choices and do right tasks at the right times when moving to your new home.

How To plan Prepare and Organise Your Home Move in Desford

Here are some helpful tips to help removal day go more smoothly

Think about what furniture, belongings and items you would like to take to the new home. You will need to know exactly which items you will be taking to the new home. This will avoid the removal men loading items and furniture you don’t want to take with you to the new home. This will make it easy for you and your removal companies when they come to survey the furniture and home.

Arrange a free of charge home survey – When moving home it is vital your removals company completes a home survey before providing you with a removals quote. This will ensure you receive a fair and accurate quote for the items you are moving.

Get 3 quotes from removal companies and Compare – Arrange a house removals company that will provide a free of charge home survey and quotation. Get your quotes at least for weeks in advance to avoid and delays.

Book your quote and ensure it includes all the removal services you require – Once you have received your removal quotes compare the moving costs and services before making your choice. Once happy book with the moving firm that will offer all services and the at the best price. Remember the cheapest price may not always be the best.

Contact and notify utility suppliers that you will be moving home – Before you move home contact all providers notifying them of your change in circumstance, this will ensure there are no delays when it comes to connecting water, gas or electric to your new home. It may be a good idea to do this 3 weeks before you actually move. The list of providers you may need to contact include:


  • Water, gas and electric
  • schools colleges and universities
  • Phone, tv and broadband
  • Banks, building societies and accountants
  • DVLA, Royal Mail, Inland Revenue
  • Doctors, dentist, options and vets
  • Send friends and family moving home cards

If possible try to avoid moving on Fridays – Fridays are the days of the week removal companies are the busiest. Try speaking with your estate agents and solicitor to see if you can move during the week-end or between Monday and Thursday.

Gather and label all house keys and provide them to the new home owner. This will make thing easier for when the new home owner arrives and wants to open windows or garage doors.

If moving with children let them get involved in the moving process. Let them pack their own bedroom belongings into boxes that they have decorated themselves. Children can feel left out when moving home so do your best to involve them and discuss any concerns they may have.

Avoid becoming a victim of identity fraud when moving home. Arrange for all documentation, parcels and mail to be redirected to the new home address 3 weeks before moving house, be sure no letters with personal details are left behind.

Take meter readings before you close up and leave – Taking your meter readings and providing them to your supplier will help to avoid you being charged or billed for heating, water or gas that you have not used.

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