Buying, selling, giving away a piano? MnM Removals specialist piano movers can help.

Planning on getting a new piano. You will need to arrange to get it collected and delivered. Pianos are extremely heavy to lift and too big to fit into a car or small van. Pianos can weigh anything from:

Upright Piano Weights

  • Small Upright Piano  – 300 – 400 lbs
  • Medium Upright Piano  – 600 – 800 lbs
  • Extra Large Upright Piano – up to 1000 lbs

Grand Piano Weights

  • Baby Grand Piano  – 500 – 800 up 1000 lbs and between 4 foot 6 inches long
  • Larger Grand Pianos – 500 – 1200 lbs
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Booking our specialist piano movers

Booking our specialist piano movers for your piano removals in the UK is simple, stress-free and easy. Simply get in touch with our piano moving team and we will do the rest. We will arrange a suitable time and date for yourself for our specialist piano movers to complete your piano removals. It is as simple as that.

How our specialist piano movers move pianos

Upright Pianos

moving upright pianos is much easier than larger baby grand pianos or the large grand piano. All pianos require great skill and experience to ensure that they are moved safely. The piano is important, but so are you. So we would always advice never to try and relocate your piano by yourself. Instead seek professional specialist piano movers to get the job done.

Upright pianos require 2 piano movers and a set of piano wheels to move them.

Specialist Piano Movers

Specialist Piano Movers

Baby grand pianos and grand pianos 

Baby grand and grand pianos are what we call the beast from the East. They require a full dismantle of the 3 legs, pedal and lid from the piano and package separately. The grand pianos must be properly packaged before being turned on to its side. Be sure the piano is placed into a piano skid board. Which will protect the piano from getting damaged.

Specialist Piano Movers

Specialist Piano Movers

Sunday is the best day to book our specialist piano movers

Due to our excellent piano delivery and collection service across the UK. MnM Removals has seen such rise in clients, in need of a reliable firm to complete a safe piano removals transportation. So we have decided to have Sunday, which is our less busier day of the week, to assist mainly our piano removal clients. Sunday’s most people are home and can be in to await delivery or collection of the piano. MnM Removals has reduced its usual weekly rates for piano removals for every Sunday. So if you need your upright baby or grand piano moving get your space booked to receive a reduced rate for this Sunday.

Make your piano removal simple & stress-free

Do not try to move the piano yourself, with out professional advice or assistance. If you think the piano is to much  for you to move and you’d rather just leave it to the pros. Get in touch with the MnM Removals today. We’ll provide you with a fixed price piano removals quotation sent out in writing, via email or text message.

Hire your team of specialist piano movers in the UK

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