Searching for some where to store your furniture – Loughborough self storage has the best storage solutions for you

Over the years we accumulate many items , belongings and furniture, whether that be for the home, office or the business. To help combat over crowded spaces within your home or business, our company provides a safe, secure storage facilty in which items, furniture and belongings can be stored for as long as you may require. We help you to store your furniture – Loughborough self storage will help to reduce the clutter within your home or business.

Need To Store Your Furniture – Loughborough Self Storage

From the first point of contact with our removals company regarding your Loughborough self storage, our team will help to work out the size and volume of your belongings and furniture, this will determine the size storage room you will need to store your items and furniture safely.

In some cases we may provide you with a free no obligation home survey, where our move consultant will pay a visit to your home to make a list of the items and furniture to be moved into the Loughborough self storage. However the customer can provide a full inventory over the phone. Determining the size storage space you’ll need can be a tricky process and may require a professional to estimate the volume of furniture to the storage space you’ll need.

How Will I Get My Furniture To The Loughborough Self Storage

We provide the most flexible solution for all clients. You will not need to worry or lift a single finger, as you and your furniture will be in the best of hands and care. We provide a specialist removals team to move your items safely into our Loughborough self storage facility. Our team of friendly and experienced movers, will always go above and beyond to ensure your move is a success.

Will My Furniture Need To Be Packaged Before Being Stored

Yes, it is always the best idea to pack your items before placing them into any self storage. To ensure that your items are fully protected, our expert packing team can wrap and pack all your furniture for you. Not only will this save you time but will also offer you peace of mind that your items have been carefully looked after. All removal boxes and packaging materials are of the finest of quality and perfect for moving and storing.

Can I Visit The Loughborough Self storage durnig opening times

Yes all customers have full control of their own self storage room, key and locks(s). Our Loughborough self storage can be used during opening hours, 7 days a week.

Affordable Business Self Storage & Residential Self Storage Available

Store Your Furniture - Loughborough Self Storage

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