Moving Home and been offered a full house removal service? What does a full house removal service in Warrington, Milton Keynes involve?

Reading our steps and simple moving guide, on what does a full house removal service in Warrington, Milton Keynes involve? will help you to decide on what house removal services you would like to receive from your chosen house moving company. When relocating to a new residence, there is so many important things to remember, having a professional removal company and team on side, will help ease the stress of moving home, making the process simple and stress free for the clients moving.

What Does a Full House Removal Service in Warrington, Milton Keynes Involve?

The following guide on what does a full house removal service involve? will give you an idea of what your removal service involves and what you should expect on the day of your move. Gathering as much moving advice and information as you can, prior to your move helps to ensure your move is successful from all angles from start to finish.

Move Consultant

Prior to receiving your full house removal service, you will be provided a free personal move consultant. Your move consultant will help to plan and organize your move, ensuring your home move is a success. Your personal move consultant will arrange a suitable date and time that best suits your schedule to carry out a FREE no obligation home survey.

Home Survey

When requesting a full house removal service, your moving company will need to complete a free home survey in order to provide you with a removals quote. Your home survey wont take up much of your time and is a great opportunity to meet your removals company on a face to face basis. Your home survey will be carried out by your personal move consultant.

They will list and assess all furniture and belongings to be moved to your new home, the volume of home furniture and belongings you have will determine the price and costs involved when booking your house removal. Your home survey will also involve a visual check of the property. Your move consultant will explain the moving procedure to you and what you should and shouldn’t do. As well as your furniture your move consultant will advice you on what you will need to do on the run up to your removals day.

Home Packing

Prior to your home move, your chosen moving company will arrange with you, the best time to complete your home packing service. Your move consultant will estimate the number of removal boxes, packaging and materials you’ll need to ensure your home is wrapped, packed and boxed safely and securely, using only the best in quality boxes and packaging materials for your move.

A full home packing service will involve your moving company and packing team coming to your home and wrapping each plate, glass and fragile items within your home and placing them safely into removal boxes. Our professional and experienced packing team aim to pack 85% of your home furniture and belongings, placing them into labeled boxes where the contents will be safe and secure ready for your removals day and for the movers to load on to the removal truck. Packing your home in this way is the most efficient, the last thing you need is smaller items falling every where as they are not boxed. This home packing method makes moving home 10 times easier, remember 85% of your home belongings will need to be boxed, before being moved or loaded onto the removal truck.


Most of the time when moving to new home furniture like beds, wardrobes, dining tables, sofas, dressers, book shelves and other larger items of furniture may need to be dismantle as they will be too big to get through the door or down narrow hall ways within the home. You will receive the support of a fully qualified and experienced dismantling team, who will ensure all bolts and screws are bagged and taped to each item they have dismantled.

House Removal

On your house removals day, you and your move will be in the best of hands and care. Your removals team will be very experienced and will maneuver your furniture with the up most care and respect. If you have moved in to a new build property with brand new walls and carpets your removal men will take shoes off as and when need to avoid damaging or getting the carpets dirty. If needed the movers will lay down some floor protection or split in to two teams with two removal men in the house while the other two off load the furniture and items to the front or back of the house. Your removal men will work as a coordinated team to ensure your move is completed effectively and efficiently at all times.

Once the removal men have arrived at your new home they will off load all items of furniture and belongings, placing them into the correct rooms of your choice within your new home. Our removal men will do their best to ensure your home is not cluttered with loads of boxes, if you do have loads of boxes to off load, it is best to place them into the garage or spare room until you decide to unpack them, this will allow the room and space you need in your new home.


If requested your moving company will assemble all the furniture and items to be put up at your new home. At this stage of the move an assembling service is highly recommended. Your assembling service will ensure all beds and wardrobes are assembled, especially the children’s beds and furniture. As a professional family focused moving company we ensure you and your children have a stress free move as possible. Setting the children’s beds up in time for bed in their new home, room and surroundings will help them to quickly adjust to their new home and change of scenery.


Many people moving home are unable to carry out such major tasks within the home like unpacking heavy boxes, or rearranging furniture. This is where a unpacking service may be beneficial. Your moving company will ensure that all items are placed and stacked away safely in cupboards and draws, all mirrors and pictures can be put up in the exact spot of your choice, taking the stress out of your move completely. Your moving company will have the skills and man power to complete these tasks in such a short space of time, saving you valuable time, effort and money in the long run.

Quick Tip

You house removal involves so many important details to consider its impossible to remember every thing. Many new home movers and people who have moved two or three times before, find it hard to keep up with the high demand of moving home. Hiring a professional house removals company will give you the peace of mind and time to deal with the other aspects of moving home, including your solicitors, estate agents, other people in the moving chain, banks, builders, providers, schools, land lord, work and much more.

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