Moving house in Leicester and wondering, what if the removal van can’t get to my door?

When moving house in Leicestershire many things will be running through your mind, on what you will expect from the movers and packers completing your move and how the moving process will be carried out. Some people moving home have small driveways, roads, streets and cul-de-sac, that big removal vans have trouble getting up or down. This is the point when customers moving home, will ask what if the removal van can’t get to my door, to load my furniture and belongings.

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What If the removal van can’t get to my door?

If the removal van can not get to your door, do not worry, as many professional moving companies will have the man power, to ensure your home relocation is completed swiftly, safely and without any issues.

Finding movers with an outstanding rep, is important for moves of this type, and a specially trained and qualified removals team will be needed to complete the move safely and on time, the last thing you need when moving home is your removal company working till late into the evening, which can become stressful for you and your family.

What if the removal van can’t get to my door is a popular question homeowners ask when they find themselves moving from or to a house with a small farm lane or a small road. Being honest with your moving company is the best thing you can do, as they will do whatever they can to make your move as smooth as possible.

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Moving from a flat or apartment

When moving from a flat or apartment you will again come across the same question “what if the removal van can’t get to my door” for many professional removal companies, this is seriously not an issue, however, extra man power will be required and your chosen moving company may charge an extra added fee for providing this type of removal service.

If you find yourself moving from a flat or apartment and you happen to be on the top floor, letting your moving company know in advanced, could save you money and later issues on the day of your move.

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How to notify your removal company that their removal van may not fit up the street

The best way you can notify and prepare your moving company is by requesting that they come out to your home to complete a home survey. Your home survey will be a Free No Obligation service, on behalf of your moving company. Your home survey will be conducted by an expert move consultant who will calculate and determine whether the removal vans will fit or not.

If however the move consultant decides that if is too far to walk with your furniture to the removal vans. Your removal company may offer you another option with smaller removal vans for your move.

Giving your removals company the heads up in advanced can save you so much time and money, as they will send you the exact amount of removal men needed to ensure your move is completed efficiently and effectively.

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