Many people moving home will want to know what questions should i ask my house removals company

Moving home comes with a lot of hard work, organizing, planning and thinking. You will find yourself asking exactly what questions should i ask my house removals company and this is where MnM Removals list and guide below can help you to ensure that you ask the questions that matter when choosing your house removals company.


Many house removals companies in the UK will have a great reputation, choosing an unprofessional house removals company or a man and van company could prove to be costly and time consuming in the long run, which will add to the amount of stress moving to a new home brings. You will want to choose a house removals company that you are comfortable with, local to your area and will comply to your demands and request. It is easy to spot a unprofessional house removals company when you know in advance “what questions should i ask my house removals company”.

Request a FREE Home Survey 

It is always best to ask your chosen house removals company to arrange a free no obligation home survey which is a great chance to iron out and issues you may face on the day of your move. Your home survey will be conducted by a move consultant who will assess the amount and volume of furniture you wish to be moved. A home survey is the best thing to have when booking a removals company as they will be prepared for your move, instead of just turning up on the day. Most importantly a home survey is a great chance for you to meet your chosen house removals company on a face to face basis where your move consultant will explain the moving process and you can ask questions in more detail.

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Getting your House Removals Quote 

When getting a house removals quote you will want it sent to you in writing and for it to be a fixed or a set price, this will ensure that the quote you are given is the price you pay, so no need to worry about hidden charges or any hidden surprises on the day of your home relocation. Removals can some times be delayed work so getting a set price will give you peace of mind that your move wont tally up by the end of the day.

Check your furniture will be insured

Many professional companies will provide insurance within your house removals quote for most household items, if you are moving an item of very sentimental value `you will want ask your house removals company what level of cover they have for your furniture.

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Will the workers be full employees or contractors

You will want to check with your house removals company that their workers are full employees as sometimes contract workers can prove to be a lot more stress for you and your family that it is work, where as employees will work harder as they will get bonuses for the successful removal jobs they complete. Contractors the people that fit in for a company for the day so they don’t care as much for the work they do as a fully qualified and professional removal man will for their own relocation company.

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What Vehicles will be used

When choosing a house removals company it is always best to be sure that they will accommodate you with the right size vehicle for the amount of belongings and furniture you have to be moved. You would not want them to turn up on the day and struggle to fit your belongings and furniture into the removal trucks, which will result in some thing getting damaged. The size of a removal truck is very important especially if you are moving far away or to another country.

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How Many Removal will be Required

This will all depend on the size of your move, if you have a small house, flat or apartment you may only require 2 professionally trained removal men, however if your move is on a medium to large scale house removal you could expect any thing up to 4, 8 or even 12 qualified removal men, to ensure every thing is transported safely to your new home.

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Are the Removal Men Uniformed

A professional house removals company will have their removal men in a uniform this is so the customer moving home can easily identify who is in there home whilst the move is underway. Many customers moving will have t.v, broadband, builders or maintenance companies popping in to complete services at the same time as the move, so knowing who is who will give you the peace of mind you need when moving.

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Will my House Removals Company Provide me Removal Boxes and Packaging Materials?

Many professional house removals companies will supply you with all the removal boxes and packaging materials you’ll need to pack and wrap your belongings and furniture ensuring that they are fully protected whilst in transit and moved from one home to another.

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Will my Removal Boxes and Packaging Materials be included within my house removals quote?

When quoting you for your house removal boxes they will not be included within your house removals quote as they are purchased seperatley to your move. Your house removal quote will be for the actual move itself, where if you where to choose the home packing services, then your removal boxes and packaging materials will be included within your home packing quote.

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Will the correct equipment be used

Many removals companies will have the necessary equipment and tools on board to safely move the most awkward of items, like pianos, american size fridge freezers, marble tables etc with little or no fuss at all. Also on board will be a sat navigation system, piano shoes, removal blankets and straps to secure your furniture to the removal truck to avoid movement whilst the vehicle is moving.  If your house removals company does not use this simple equipment your move could prove to be a disaster.

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How can i Pay for my House Removal

Many professional removal companies will accept a cash, cheques, debit cards and credit cards and unprofessional companies will only accept payment to be paid in cash.

If you would like to arrange a free home no obligation home survey with MnM Removals then you can get in touch with our dedicated removal team who can ensure that you have a wonderful moving experience this summer.

What Questions should i ask my House Removals Company

When requesting MnM Removals to complete your domestic home removals you will be allocated a personal move consultant who will guide you through your move, co-ordinating every stage and always keeping you informed of all details with any thing regarding your move. Our team is just a phone call away to iron out any difficulties and address any questions you may want to ask.

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