After months of planning, moving day is finally here. When decided to hire a firm, this shows that you want your move to be smooth and your furniture to be treated with care. Moving is known to be one of the most stressful times. Dealing with estate agents, solicitors and conveyancers can become to much for some people to cope with. Hiring movers helps to free up extra time, allowing you to focus on the more important tasks moving home involves.

As your movers start to get down to business, you will be tempted to check up on them. Just to see how they handle your move. The last thing you want is damaged floors or chipped tables and walls. It can be emotionally difficult and quite stressful for people moving home, especially when not knowing what to do when movers are packing & moving stuff.

Do you just sit in a spare room. Or watch there every move. Should you help loading or bringing furniture out to the removal van. Its unusual for some people to just sit there, when the movers are busy moving lots of furniture. But that free time you find your self with is a bonus and the benefits of hiring a professional removal firm.

This guide provides you with all the things you will need to do while the movers are packing and moving your stuff. With so much to remember when moving home. Following this guide on what to do when movers are packing & moving stuff will offer a big help.

It is important that you know exactly what to do when movers are packing & moving stuff with in your home. Movers will expect you to delegate the move, makes cups of team and provide them with biscuits to keep the energy up.

Not Sure What To Do When Movers Are Packing & Moving Stuff On Removals Day

Have Property Packed and Organised Before The Movers Arrive

Pack up all items

Before your removals day, you will want to ensure that all larger items are dismantled, packed and any thing smaller than a microwave is placed in to removal boxes. Time is important. Especially when moving a long distance away. So you will want to be sure every thing is organised and made simple for your movers when they arrive.

Make notes of things to take

Prepare a list of all items. It is vital when moving house that, you keep a inventory of all the furniture and belongings you wish to be moved. Number and label all removal boxes. As this will help you to identify, what is in each box and where it belongs. Do not list items you no longer want to keep.

List things not to take

List the belongings you don’t want to take with you. With the items and furniture you do not want. You can sell, or donate to your local charity or send to be recycled. Removal companies will offer a house clearance service. Which will help to reduce the cost of your move and keep your new home clutter free. You can always order furniture once settled into your home.

Don’t forget the essentials

Leave the essentials out for the movers. Its always a good idea to not to pack the kettle, sugar and milk when moving home. Its the first thing you will need, when arriving at your new home for the first time. After such a long day with the movers. Which is exhausting even when doing no lifting.

Clear paths and walk ways

Make sure the paths and walk ways are clear for the movers. While you are contemplating what to do when movers are packing & moving stuff you could be clearing bins out the way, moving plant on to the grass and making sure your movers have safe, clutter free space to work in. This will help speed things up, because the movers will not have to keep stopping and putting furniture down, to move things out of the way.

Toddlers, children & pets should be kept safe

Keep children and pets away while the movers are moving stuff. While the movers are moving furniture, it is vital that you follow the health and safety precautions to ensure children and pets are kept a safe distance from the move. You may decide for them to be looked after by grandparents, friends or close family relatives while the move is in full swing.

Be visible when the movers arrive

Try to be present when the movers arrive. Its best to be at home to direct and instruct your movers, when they arrive on removals day. Explain what work you would like done. As well as the furniture, you would like the movers to take special care with. The movers won’t mind you doing other errands, but its best to be around in case of any questions that need to be asked or if any issues arise.

Quotes for moving home

Still wondering what to do when movers are packing & moving stuff. Need expert advice and assistance regarding your house move. Why not contact our removals company today. We help thousands of people each year when moving. Whether moving house or business.