Downsizing or Upsizing to a New Home in Alfreton

If you are planning on downsizing or upsizing your property we have put together some helpful tips and advice for removal customers downsizing or upsizing to a new home in Alfreton

You could be moving to new home for many reasons, whatever your reason for moving you will have to decide whether you are going to downsize or upsize to a new home in Alfreton.

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Tips on Downsizing to a New Home in Alfreton

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When downsizing you will more than likely have to donate, sell or give away a lot of your most loved furniture and belongings, to leave space in your new home

Donate, sell or give away your furniture that you least need or use the most. It is always best to recycle your belongings and furniture, instead of throwing them away. Organize your boxes by individually labeling or placing coloured stickers on them red for sale, blue for new home and green for recycle.

Many people move to a smaller home as their children have left home and the extra rooms and space is not needed any more, and taking the children’s beds, cupboards and school books to your new home may not be an option.

You will have to get use to your smaller home and surroundings which will feel uncomfortable at first, measure the size of the rooms in your new home, and try to use your own rooms to see where the furniture will fit in your new home. For example your kitchen might be similar size to bedroom.

When packing it is best not to pack and take to many of the same things, for example bins, sofas, beds, tables and chairs in the smaller home you may only fit 1, so always double-check before moving your belongings to your new home that every thing will fit in the right places.

Getting a floor plan of your new property will help you get the scale and the layout of the property and also help in assisting you in what rooms your furniture will be placed in.

When moving to a smaller home in Alfreton , Derbyshire you will want to be sure that there is enough storage space, cupboards and attic, this will help to keep your home from getting cluttered with bric-a-brac and clothing etc.




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Tips on Upsizing to a New Home in Alfreton

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When upsizing to a new home this can be a very exciting and emotional experience getting your move completed successfully is vital

Many people upsize to a new home for may reasons especially if there is a new arrival to the family and extra room is needed

Getting the timing spot on when upsizing to a new home is essential, as the time your completion has been successfully completed you will not own your current home no more, and the buyer will be aiming to move their furniture and belongings in, so being organized is a big priority when upsizing your home.


Before you get too deep into a home search, make sure that you speak to a lender and get pre-approved for a home loan. Mortgages take longer to obtain these days, and stellar credit is a must. Make sure that you’re in good shape – and approved – to take on the larger monthly payments that accompany a larger property.

You don’t want to take on too much in terms of home size and features. There are drawbacks that can accompany buying too much house. Talk to a real estate agent to determine which properties will best fit your family size and lifestyle and start a targeted search to find just the right fit for you.

Finding the right-sized home for you can lead to a happier, more comfortable living experience. If you’re thinking of upsizing, contact your real estate agent today and get the ball rolling.

Taking a measured approach to moving into a new home is always your safest bet. If you’ve crunched the numbers, evaluated your circumstances, and made a list of the pros and cons associated with upsizing, you’re in good shape to make a decision about whether a larger new home is right for you.



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