Carpet Protection Film

Carpet Protection Film




Keep Carpets Safe With Carpet Protection Film

When decorating or moving in to a new home you will want to ensure that your carpets are protected and kept clean using our quality carpet protection film as carets are a big part of your properties investment and replacing them could be costly

If you are have some construction, decorating or moving home or office you will want to keep your floors and carpets safe and clean, when using our great quality carpet protection film it is ideal for stopping dirt, dust, paint, and most of all dirty shoes from making a mess of your carpet. Our carpet protection film is recommended for great use by MnM Removals and is available in 2 sizes for delivery directly to your front door.

Carpet Protection Film

Carpet Protection Film

Our quality carpet protection film is very durable and has a high resistance to ripping or tearing, when walked on by heavy boots and other equipment like ladders, and trolleys.

Our carpet protection film is widely used for a range of different tasks you can also use our carpet protection film for:


Stars and landing

Offices and business


Painters and decorators  and much more

Our carpet protection film is very easy to use and to apply to your carpet. To apply our carpet protection you will need to roll it out a few feet at a time and smooth it down to the carpet it self and proceed, this helps to keep it straight and in line. You need not worry about it moving on the carpet as our carpet protection film will stick to the carpet without leaving marks or residue on your carpets. Using a small knife cut the carpet protection film to your desired lengths.

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