Wardrobe Boxes


Size:                20″ x 19″ x 49″   (Length, Width, Height)

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Wardrobe Boxes With Hanging Rails For House Removals

Great prices on our wardrobe boxes with hanging rail when moving home, they are high in quality, don’t take our word compare our  sizes, quality and prices before purchasing our single wardrobe box

We offer excellent packages when booking your house removal and packaging together

Our  moving home wardrobe boxes are a lot larger in size and quality than most other wardrobe boxes you will find on the market, so you will not fill them as quickly as other boxes, the durability will last much longer if you decided to reuse them or stack them on top of each other, all our wardrobe boxes are signed for content details, our wardrobe boxes are better value for money. Our moving home wardrobe boxes are ideal for the relocation of all your most important clothing when moving to your new home. All wardrobe boxes are very  big, strong thick and double wall for that extra protection when being moved into storage facilities or to your new destination within the UK or abroad.

Single Wardrobe Boxes

 Double Wall Wardrobe Boxes

MnM Removals will only recommend the best in quality double wall wardrobe boxes for your move and to store your best suits and clothing

As a professional moving company we move all types of removal boxes and wardrobe boxes on a day to day basis, with this experience we understand that our packaging customers need the right double wall wardrobe boxes for their home move to make sure your best clothing are safely packed away. You can be sure that when buying our wardrobe boxes they will not fall apart when being moved or stacked on top of each other with heavy clothing in them such as heavy coats, your best suits and jackets inside, you can rest assured by buying our thick, double wall,  wardrobe boxes that they will not fall apart when being moved.

MnM Removals always provide our customers with the best home packaging materials, when buying our wardrobe boxes for moving home. When packing your clothing into our wardrobe boxes you will reduce the chance of any dirt or dust damaging  your best outfits and most expensive clothing.

Tips on how to use our wardrobe boxes


Single Wardrobe Boxes

MnM Removals Wardrobe Boxes

Wardrobe boxes are most commonly used for storing your best clothing into storage and packing your most expensive suits when moving home. They are very easy to use and to put up and are used to store and keep your best clothing and garments clean and tidy. On your removal day you wouldn’t want your best clothing loaded on to the removal truck with your garden furniture or tools which could result in your best outfits getting damaged or dirty, when using our wardrobe boxes this will not happen as your best clothing will be fully protected.

When packing clothing with our wardrobe boxes you should place your clothing on to the metal rail provided with your wardrobe boxes, the box should be placed in a upright position when hanging your clothing on to the rails.

Great prices when buying our wardrobe boxes for your move

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