Simple House Clearance in Arnold Nottinghamshire

Let Us Help To Plan & Prepare Your Nottingham House Clearance

MnM Removals specialise in house clearance services and is a professional Nottinghamshire House Clearance Company you can trust and rely on. Offering fast, friendly and professional house clearance services and house clearance agents to clear your home, office or property. Many items that are taken from your house clearance will be re-homed using local charities across Nottinghamshire. Book your house clearance and help MnM Removals to reduce the waste in Nottinghamshire and stop it ending up in land fill sites.

Affordable & Reliable House Clearance Company & Team In Arnold Nottinghamshire

MnM Removals Nottingham helps you to prepare for your house clearance in Arnold Nottinghamshire. Your clearance team will ensure that most of your unwanted furniture and belongings are donated to local charities across Nottinghamshire. Hire an experienced house clearance company and team in Arnold & Nottinghamshire to provide this service for you. MnM Removals work alongside many local charities like the British Heart Foundation, Age Concern to ensure your unwanted belongings and furniture goes to another home. What isn’t taken to charities will be sent off to be recycled.

Office & House Clearance – The Simple & Easy Way to Clear Bulky Unwanted Furniture in Nottinghamshire

House Clearance in Arnold Nottingham

Help Sorting Furniture

If you are elderly or are dealing with clearing a property during a bereavement. You can arrange for a professional house clearance team, to come in and sort out all the items that you require clearing for your house clearance Nottingham.

House Clearance in Arnold Nottingham

Help Packing Furniture

Book your own house clearance team in Arnold Nottinghamshire, to provide a full or part packing service for your house clearance items. Arrange for a team to come to your home to pack all items that you want to clear. All boxes & packing is free when booking a packing service.

House Clearance in Arnold Nottingham

House Clearance & Collection

Once all items are packed and ready for collection. Your dedicated house clearance team will come to your home to collect all items, furniture and bric a brac. Your house clearance team will do all the loading and lifting of your items. Ensuring they get re-homed or recycled.

House Clearance Services in Nottinghamshire For Estate Agents & Private Landlords across Nottinghamshire

House Clearance Nottingham – Hire Your Dedicated House Clearance Team

Do you have furniture and properties that require a house clearance or clearing on a regular basis. If so, MnM Removals and its reliable house clearance team, can provide you with on going house clearance services for your business. Whether your property is in Nottingham or another location in the East Midlands.

MnM Removals and team also provide a house clearance bereavement services. That is carried out to the highest of standards and in a sympathetic manner. If faced with a bereavement house clearance speak to an agent today, no matter the circumstances.

MnM Removals caters for land lords and estate agents across Nottinghamshire. Clearing all furniture and unwanted belongings. You can request a dedicated house clearance and house cleaning service for all property types. Arranging your house clearance in Arnold Nottinghamshire, is very flexible and will help you get the space you need with in your home or property.

Items We Take & Items We Don’t Take

Items We Do Take

Clothes, Jackets, Kids Suite’s Shoes etc

Books, Cd’s Dvd’s, Video’s & Odd Items

Beds, Bed Side Tables, Dressers, Bedding

Wardrobes, Cabinets, Chest of Draws etc

Curtains, Fixings, Light shades & Rugs

Cookers, Fridges, Chest & Freezers

Washing Machines, Dryers & Dish Washers

Sofa’s, sofa beds & Wall Units, Nest Of Tables

Dining Tables & Chairs, Piano, Cutlery, Glasses Dishes

Garden Tools, Mower, Wheel Barrows & Garden Equipments

Bikes, Kids, Toys,

IT, Computer, Cables, Phones & Pc Equipments

Cardboard, Plastics & Recyclable Materials

Items We Don’t

Fitted Furniture, Wardrobes etc

Built Up Garden Sheds or Green Houses

Verminous Waste Or Food

Gas, bottles, Fire Arms, Chemicals or Explosives

Human or Animal Waste/Feces

Laminate Flooring, Floor Tiles, Or Wall Tiles

Removal Wall Paper Or Equipment Attached To The property

Machinery, Motor Bikes, Boats, Caravans etc

Glass Windows, Builders Waste, Soil Or Concrete

Asbestos & Hazardous Goods Materials (COSHH)

Hospital Equipment, Medical Supplies, Needles, Blood etc

Green Waste, Bushes, Hedges or Trims

Reason To Hire MnM Removals – House Clearance in Arnold Nottinghamshire

Save The Time & Hassle When Clearing Your Old Furniture

Donate Items

When we clear your items. 90% of your furniture will be donated to local charities in Nottinghamshire. 

Extra Space

A house clearance in Arnold Nottinghamshire, will help to free up extra room in your house or garage.

Save Money

Moving home? A house clearance in Nottinghamshire, is the best way to save money on your move.

Peace Of Mind!

Hiring stress-free furniture clearance company and team for your house clearance in Arnold Nottinghamshire. Get peace of mind, that your property will be cleared on time and on schedule. MnM Removals Nottingham will always do the best when helping you to get your home or property ready for whatever the occasion.

Have on board a flexible, friendly and cost-effective house clearance company in Nottingham. That provides professional 5 star home clearance services, to our clients.

Working to fit within your budget, time frame and schedule. Hire a Nottingham house clearance company that works around you.

As well as house clearance services. MnM Removals also offer house clearance / office clearance / bereavement clearance / house removals / office removals / dismantling & assembling / removal boxes & packaging materials / self storage and piano removals in Nottinghamshire. Call MnM Removals on 08000025543, email us at,  use the contact form or speak to a house clearance agent in Nottingham today.

House Clearance Nottingham

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