Assistance For Families And Elderly People Moving To A New Bungalow

Whether it’s a full or part packing service, full or part house removal, dismantling and assembling of furniture, or unpacking and placing furniture around your new home, you can count on MnM Removals to deliver a quality and reliable service, from start to end. We specialise in providing professional advice, care and assistance for families and elderly people moving to a new bungalow, home, flat or apartment in Heckington, Sleaford or Lincolnshire.

Practical advice, support and assistance for families and elderly moving to a new bungalow or house in Heckington, Sleaford, Lincolnshire, NG34

Assistance for families and elderly people moving to a new bungalow

Removal services that will provide assistance for families and elderly moving to a new bungalow, flat or house in Lincolnshire

Home Packing

Whether you want us to pack your entire home or just the breakables, we have the best solution for your exact needs. When a packing service is requested all clients will benefit from a having a fully trained and qualified packing team, who will have all the removal boxes and packaging materials you’ll need to pack your home safely.

House Removal 

Our dedicated team of movers will go above and beyond to ensure your move goes as smooth as can be. Every move is personal to us and our company, ensure your movers have the best tools and equipments to complete your move effectively at all times. So if you move involves moving an upright, baby, grand or concert grand piano you can rest assured that your piano removal is in the safest of hands and care.

Dismantling and Assembling

Our dedicated team will safely dismantle your larger items, including wardrobes, beds, dining tables, sofas, cupboards, washing machine, dryer, fridge and much more, ensuring the bigger items can get out the house easily and without causing damaged to walls or door frames. All nuts, bots and screws will be clearly labeled and bagged and some times taped to the bed frame. Our movers will re-assemble all requested items once arrived at the new home.


Some clients think once the removal truck has gone that their move is over, this is far from the truth, you will still have to unpack all your removal boxes and items, placing them into the correct rooms and spaces. This process could take weeks to complete, having your moving company come in to complete an unpacking service will help to save you time so you can quickly settle into your new home and surroundings.

Free Home Survey & Quotation For Elderly people & Families moving home in Lincolnshire

Assistance for families and elderly people moving to a new bungalow

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