Moving Home – We have helpful & practical Advice & guide for first time homebuyers Market Harborough Leicestershire

Buying a home is one of the most expensive purchases you will properly ever make in your entire life, following our guide for first time homebuyers Market Harborough Leicestershire will ensure that you make the correct choices when buying a home for you and your the family


[icon icon=”info” size=”small” style=”none” shape=”inherit” text_color=”#f48a00″]Comparing services and fees from various Solicitors will give you a good idea of the cost involved, however prices are known to vary depending on the range of services offered. The cheapest is not always the best.

[icon icon=”info” size=”small” style=”none” shape=”inherit” text_color=”#f48a00″]Is the firm local. This will save you a lot of time and money when it comes to signing and sending back the mountain of documents and paper work involved. Also check the firms opening times, do they open at weekends etc.

[icon icon=”info” size=”small” style=”none” shape=”inherit” text_color=”#f48a00″]If you have a busy lifestyle then some firms do offer an internet system that allows you to track your transaction online.

[icon icon=”info” size=”small” style=”none” shape=”inherit” text_color=”#f48a00″]Don’t forget all of the extra cost you will have to pay such as: Stamp duty, Land tax, VAT and Search fees


When buying a new home it is not just about the structure of the property as you and your family have invested your life savings to achieve the home of your dreams. You will need to do a lot of planning and organizing to ensure you get exactly what you pay for.Searching for the perfect home for you and your family could take many months especially if you have no idea of what type of property you and your family are looking for. Having a good trustworthy solicitor will go along way in helping you to make a right choice


First Time Homebuyers Market Harborough Leicestershire

[icon icon=”info” size=”small” style=”none” shape=”inherit” text_color=”#f48a00″]Energy Performance Certificate – An Energy Performance Certificate is expected for all properties on the market. The certificate is designed to rate the energy performance for the property.

[icon icon=”info” size=”small” style=”none” shape=”inherit” text_color=”#f48a00″]Survey advice – Whenever you are buying a new property you should always have an independent survey done. A survey will report any defects or any recommended building work. If any work is needed you should tell your solicitor as soon as possible as they may wish to negotiate on the price.

[icon icon=”info” size=”small” style=”none” shape=”inherit” text_color=”#f48a00″]Dealing with the sellers solicitor – Your solicitor will contact the sellers solicitor and provide them with your list of content including fixtures and fittings that will be included in the sale.

[icon icon=”info” size=”small” style=”none” shape=”inherit” text_color=”#f48a00″]Searches – Your solicitors will carry out a number of searches including potential risks such as flooding, along with checking for future plans for the area including planning permission and planned road works etc

[icon icon=”info” size=”small” style=”none” shape=”inherit” text_color=”#f48a00″]Terms of the mortgage – You will need to produce a satisfactory mortgage offer before you can sign a contract. Be sure to read the terms carefully and ask your solicitor to explain anything you do not understand

[icon icon=”info” size=”small” style=”none” shape=”inherit” text_color=”#f48a00″]Signing and Exchanging contracts – Once you have read and are happy with all the reports you will need to pay the deposit and sign the contract. Once signed contracts are exchanged your solicitor can set a completion date for the sale.

[icon icon=”info” size=”small” style=”none” shape=”inherit” text_color=”#f48a00″]Completion – At this final stage your solicitor will pay the relevant land tax and stamp duty fees. They will also hand over the money to the seller and the keys will be released to you

First Time Homebuyers Market Harborough Leicestershire

Following our guide for first time homebuyers Market Harborough Leicestershire will not only save you time and money, but will ensure you make the right choices for you and your family, when buying your new home.

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