Welcome to MnM Removals we offer a superb house clearance services in Nottinghamshire. Giving people the chance to find a safe, efficient and affordable way of how get rid of old furniture as and when required.

Whether you are a land-lord that needs a whole 6 bedroom house cleared, or you are experiencing a bereavement in the family, a residential client that needs to clear a sofa, or a business that has a lot of office furniture to get rid of.

“When completing a house clearance in Nottinghamshire most items are donated to charity or recycled”

The best way to get rid of your old furniture is to hire an experienced house clearance company like MnM in Nottinghamshire. We are much cheaper than hiring a skip that blocks the access to your road, drive way, and makes the streets and the front of the house look a mess.

With our affordable house clearance service the whole process is simple and stress-free. We simply come along and safely load all the items from your home or property straight on to the vehicle. No mess, no fuss and no hassle. Once all items have been loaded and your home is now cleared you can finally start getting your home back together and ready to be rented or sold.

House Clearance Items We Can Clear

Our clearance team can move all types of furniture from sofas, beds, wardrobes, fridges, microwaves, dining tables, washing machines, dryers as well as your general brick a brack and food.

Other House Clearance Services We Provide

As well as clearing your old furniture. A house clearance will also involve the packing and preparing of all items. Many people think a house clearance is as simple as getting rid. It is not. There is so much planning and physical work involved when preparing for a house clearance.

All items will need to be bagged or boxed up. This helps to keep things tidy so items can be moved in a safe and professional manner. All larger furniture like beds and wardrobes must be dismantled and taken down before they can be moved or loaded on to the vehicle.

The best way to organise your house clearance in Nottinghamshire is to

Section your furniture into 3 piles 1 for charities 2 for recycling and 3 for rubbish. This will ensure no good items are binned and it will make it much easier for your house clearance company to donate or recycle the furniture.

With MnM the process is clean, simple and stress-free, we offer affordable rates, superb house clearance services dedicated to helping customers get rid of old furniture.

If You Are Preparing For A House Clearance in Nottinghamshire – Or Need To Get Rid Of Old Furniture

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