How to prepare & organize your house removals in Dunstable & surrounding Bedfordshire

When moving home and choosing your house removals company in Dunstable or surrounding towns and villages of Bedfordshire you will need to be sure that they will offer a friendly and professional service that will help to ensure you or your family have a stress free, relaxing and a pleasant moving experience from start to finish.

This removal guide based on 4 weeks before your house removal will offer the best moving advice with tips and will help to ensure that you complete all the right tasks, at the right times when moving house and preparing for your house removal in Dunstable, Bedfordshire.

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Things to do 4 weeks prior to your house removal in Dunstable taking place

With your moving date closing in, things can all seem a bit daunting as if you will never get to end of your move where you are settled comfortably into your new home. With the help of this moving guide you are sure to find completing your moving task a lot easier, as we concentrate on completing these moving tasks in smaller steps that people can manage more easily.

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4 weeks before House removal Day

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Book a removals company

When moving home in Dunstable or surrounding Bedfordshire it is important that you give your self enough time to find and book your removals company. Finding a reliable moving company that ticks all the right boxes is hard to find, so giving yourself enough time will ensure you make the right choices.

Contact organisations & utility suppliers 

4 Weeks prior to your move is a good time to notify your service providers that you are due to be moving to a new home address. Your providers may include your broadband, tv, gas /electric, water, DVLA, Royal Mail, Inland Revenue, milk man or any other service providers you may require within the new home.

Prepare to dispose of unwanted furniture

The last thing you need when moving house and making fresh start for you and your family is to have your new home cluttered with damaged and unwanted items you no longer need or use any more. The best solution for this, which can help to cut the cost of your move, is to arrange for a house clearance, donate to local charities or organize a garage sale where you can earn a return on the items you no longer need. Speak with your removals company as they may be able to provide this service for an additional fee.

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3 weeks before your house removal in Dunstable

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Moving with children

When moving home with children in Dunstable you will want to ensure that you arrange for a family member or a childminder to look after the children while to moving process is under way. Hiring a childminder will give you the quality time needed to focus on your move and delicate to your movers or packers.

Moving with pets

When moving home with pets in Dunstable you need to make arrangements to have them kept in a calm enviroment. Some pets can become disruptive when moving home which is totally understandable when their home is being moved away. You can arrange for friends or family to take them out for a walk while the move is in full operation.

Decide which items you will take with you

You will need to decide on exactly which items of furniture you would like to take with you to the new home. Write a list of all the items and number each one so you have a full inventory and description of all the items and furniture you will be taking with you.

Purchase removal boxes and packaging materials

If you are moving home in Dunstable or Bedfordshire and hiring a professional moving company, they will be your best bet at purchasing quality moving boxes and packaging for your move. Your moving company in Dunstable should be able to provide wardrobe boxes, furniture covers, wrapping paper and bubble wrap.

Start packing away items you least use

When packing your home its best to pack in small stages. For example packing 5-10 boxes per day and storing in an empty room or garage for when the movers arrive, this is a much more effective way of packing your home. When doing your own home packing its vital to ensure all boxes are full packed, labeled and secure for when your removal men arrive to complete your move.

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2 weeks before your house removal in Dunstable

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Make travel arrangements to the new home

If moving a long distance away from your old home, you are going to need to arrange your transportation to the new property in time to let the movers in. If travelling by car you will need to ensure your car is in a good roadworthy condition and you are covered under a break down policy. The last thing you need when moving home is a break down. If travelling by public transport double-check the check in times and the arrival times so you are always one step ahead.

Arrange a parking permit for when the removal truck arrives

If your home is within a parking permit area you may need to arrange for a parking permit that will allow the removal truck to legally park and work on your road. For many parking permits you may need to provide information about the vehicle in question ie registration, make and model. However if a permit is not available and your moving company incurs charges they may be passed on to the home mover.

Complete all packing task that need finishing

Finish off all your packing tasks. When packing your home and moving with expensive new furniture, you may want to pack all larger items like sofas, mattresses, dining tables, fridge freezers etc to ensure they are not scraped, scuffed or damaged when being moved. If the item is not correctly packaged your removals company may not pay out if damage is done.

Eat all the food in your fridge freezer and cupboards

The last thing you want to do when moving home is buy a load of food and filling the fridge, freezer and cupboards with goodies. Instead start eating all the food you have left over, buying exactly what you and your family will use. This will avoid the food going off and you having to throw it away.

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1 week prior to your house removal in Dunstable

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Gather school books and records to be faxed to the new schools head teacher

Speak with your child’s current head teacher to have your child’s school reports and files faxed across to the new school and head teacher. This is good time for your children to clear their books and school work.

Double check with your service providers that your connections will be up and running

Checking with your suppliers will offer you reassurance that when you arrive at the new home, you will have heating, water, gas and electricity as well as all the other services like telephone, tv and internet that you’ll require when moving to your new home.

Prepare a box for when you first move in to your new home

Prepare a box with all the essentials you are going to require for the first night in your new home. Items you will need to pack may include a kettle, mugs, slippers, light bulb and some goodies like popcorn and chocolate.

Leave a note for the new tennant or home owner

Leaving a note and labeling all the house keys will help to make like easier for your new home owner. Many homes have many keys that can become confusing for some people to work out which key belongs to which door or room.

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Moving House in Dunstable? Need Professional Help & Advice?

If you are preparing for a house removals in Dunstable or Bedfordshire and require the assistance of a fast, friendly and professional moving company, then please get in touch for a FREE Home Survey & Moving Quotation by calling our customer service team on 0800 0025 543 we will be happy to offer the assistance you need when moving home.