Want to keep your electricals safe? Find out how to pack electronics when moving house in Leicester

With the world of technology and the number of electrical devices we purchase for our homes it can become a difficult task when preparing your most expensive electrical equipment for house removal. Packing electronics correctly when moving home can save you a lot of time and money in the long run and ensures your electrical items arrive at your new location in one piece.

Expert advice & tips on how to pack electronics when moving house in Leicester

Refer to the electronics manual

Referring to the owners manual will provide you with guide lines on how to pack and store your electrical items when moving house in Leicester. If you no longer have the original Manuel you can get a copy from the internet by typing in the items serial number and brand name.

Use original boxes 

When packing your electronics or any electrical items around the home its important to pack them into the original box and packaging it arrive in.  If you do not have the correct packaging for your electronics, then your removals company is the next best option as they can suggest and provide you with other suitable boxes and specialist packaging materials.

Keep all electronic receipts

It is always a good idea to keep all receipts for your electrical and electronic equipment and items, this will give you peace of mind that in the unfortunate event that damaged did accure you would have the retail / replacement value to hand. If you do not have your receipt consider getting the current retail value from your supplier. This will also help when insuring your items as a value will need to be set for your own home insurance and your movers to provide you with insurance cover.

Be sure back up all files

When deciding to move computers, servers and other pc’s around the home or office its important that you save and back up a file. Backing up all your work on to a disk or file will ensure none of your hard work is lost for ever because of interference with your electrical device.

Be aware electronics are sensitive to temperature 

Electronics are packed with components that must be kept within certain temperatures for the best effects and longer last life span. Before moving your electricals just refer to the owners Manual for the correct temperatures your items must be kept in. 4 or more hours in a hot room or van can cause some electrical devices not to function properly so always read the Manual for reassurance.

Re-assembling electronics

When taking the wires out of your electrical equipment, it can become so time-consuming and confusing when you have to put them all back together again within the new home. The best way to ensure you can easily reassemble your electronics is to take a few pictures that you can use as a guide when putting your electricals back together. Wires should be taped to each device and placed into the exact same box to avoid any confusion. Your removal company may offer this service for you when moving house in Leicester.

Make a list of all electrical items

Make a full inventory of all computers, tv’s, monitors, videos, stereo’s, and all other expensive and valuable electronics placed inside a box. Number and list the items in each box as this will help when it comes to unpacking your goods within the new home and allow you to know exactly how many boxes you have packed and what is inside each box.

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