2020 Moving Costs & How Movers Charge For UK House Removals

When hiring a removals company and preparing for your house removals. The first question that will spring to mind is how much will it cost to move my 4 bedroom house. This is the question all home owners want to know prior to booking with a removal firm. So this guide was created to offer examples of what your home move will cost and will help shine some light on the cost involved for people planning their move ahead of time and wanting a rough idea of how much does it cost to move a 4 bedroom house in the UK.

Find Out How Much Does It Cost To Move A 4 Bedroom House In The Uk

The price of your house move will not be the same as someone else’s move. All home moves are different from one another. A lot of information is required for removal companies to offer the best quote for your move:

Listed below is just a few of the questions your removal companies will need to know before providing a fair moving quotation.

  • The size of the property (How many bedrooms you have)
  • The volume of furniture to be relocated to the new home
  • The services you require packing, removals or clearances
  • Distance of travel to the new home (is a major factor on the price)
  • How long the move will take (some moves can go in to 2 days or more)

As you can see removal companies need to know a lot prior to your home move. Many UK removal companies will offer a home survey. Free of charge with no obligation to booking in. This way, they can see your move for what it really is and provide removal quotes accordingly.

How Much Does It Cost To Move A 4 Bedroom House In The Uk

What is the estimated costs of moving a 4 Bed house with a removals company

Size Of Home

Removal Costs – 30 Miles Radius

Home Packing Service Costs

1 Bedroom £255 + £230
2 Bedrooms £290 + £350
3 Bedrooms £399+ + £545
4 Bedrooms £645+ + £635+
5 Bedrooms £825+ + £699
6+ Bedrooms £1,000+ + £750+

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