Useful tips on how to disconnect a washing machine

Learning how to disconnect a washing machine is simple when following our step by step guide. Once your washing machine has been installed you will proberly not be moving it again for a long time, you will usually move the washing machine if your are moving home or to have it repaired. To do this you will have to disconnect all piping and wires first. The washing machine is very heavy to lift or move around as it contains blocks of concrete and the drum inside to steady the machine when spinning, so be careful when lifting or twisting the washing machine.  When moving the washing machine you will notice some access water coming out of the hoses put the house to drain in the sink or a bucket.

how to disconnect a washing machine

By holding both corners of the washing machine pull and twist it towards you away from the wall, once you have pulled it out further away from the wall or from under the work surface, you should have enough room to be able to get to the back of the washing machine.Make sure you have disconnected the mains supply to the electric before proceeding further

To locate the correct pipes to disconnect from the water supply you should look at the  back of the machine and follow the pipe to the main supply.

After you have done this you will have to stop the water flow tap (valves) that is located under the kitchen sink and will be connected with a long hose to the washing machine.

When you have turned this off  can you take the waste pipe out, along with the hose pipe connection as well. (You made need some spanners and tools as the water flow tap may be stiff to turn by hand)

You can pull the waste pipe off and leave in a sink for a few moments to drain the access water.

Always move the washing machine slowly to avoid tearing or scratching your floors, you may need a tool like a hand truck to wheel it out and into a vehicle.

The best information in a  step by step format on how to disconnect a washing machine safely

how to disconnect a washing machine

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