Instructions On How To Dismantle Dining Table For Moving

  1. Place Removal Blankets On To The Floor
  2. Flip The table Over On To The Blankets. Smooth Surface Down
  3. Remove All 4 Legs
  4. Secure The Bolts
  5. Protect The Table Base & Legs

Place Removal Blankets On To The Floor

Instead of bending down to look underneath the dining table. Place some clean thick quilted removal blankets onto the floor so you can turn the table over or upside down. You may need 2 people and 2 blankets depending on how large the dining table is. The blankets will help to protect the top of the dining table when turning it over and placing it on to the floor.

How To Dismantle Dining Table

Flip The table Over On To The Blankets. Smooth Surface Down

When turning a dining table upside down it is better to get a 2nd person to assist. This will avoid any damage being done in the process. With 2 people. Carefully turn the dining table, side ways towards the floor. Once the dining table’s legs are horizontal, turn once more until the legs of the dining table are pointing towards the ceiling. This will give you access to underneath the dining table where you can easily dismantle the bolts holding the legs in place.

Remove All 4 Legs From The Dining Table

For this task you may need Allen keys or small spanner. You will have 4 legs at each corner of the dining table. Some dining tables come with a large centre base, that the table top is bolted too. However once you have the table upside you will know exact where your bolts are located. Remove all bolts and place in a bag. Attach the bag to the legs of the dining table for later.

Secure Nuts & Bolts

You will need to secure all the bolts and screws for the dining table in to a bag. Secure the bag on to the legs. This will save time finding them later.

How To Dismantle Dining Table

Protect The Dining Table Base & Legs

Dining tables and chairs can be very costly. After following the above steps. You will want to now ensure that your dining table is protected and ready for transportation. To do this you will need to wrap the dining table with either removal blankets, bubble wrap and then shrink wrap for added protection. Or you could purchase a protective cover designed for moving your table. Once your table is fully covered, can it be safe for moving.

Removals For Dining Table & Chairs

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