Guide On How to Move a Business Without Losing Productivity Or Clients

There is no such thing as an “easy business relocation”, we might say that moving a business presents a much more significant challenge than your ordinary household move. Mostly due to the fact that business relocations are defined by urgency, start to finish. They require superb organising skills and the utmost attentiveness.

Otherwise, they are quick to turn into a nightmare. Not to mention that every minute of downtime can have a lasting (negative) effect on your income and, more importantly, the reputability of your company. As business owners ourselves, MnM Removals is well-aware of how prolonged downtime can be detrimental. That is why, today, we decided to focus on this topic and give you some advice on how to move a business without losing productivity. Because, when time is money – every minute is precious.

A well-devised plan can make all the difference

As a business owner, you’re perfectly aware of how important it is to have a detailed business strategy. Well, moving is no different. In a way, you can view this undertaking as just another business venture. This means that you will have to put your heart and mind into it, for the best results.

With this in mind, the best way to go about it is to create a office moving checklist. Moving is a complex process. It consists of numerous tasks, and each of them will require your undivided attention. Creating a checklist is a simple way to keep all these tasks in your sight, and make sure nothing slips your mind.

How to Move a Business Without Losing Productivity

Have a checklist on your person at all times. We highly recommend you use some of the checklist apps for your smartphone. Preferably one that has the option to sync with your home or office PC, so you can plan even better and have backups.

The most important thing: keep your checklist updated and take notes often. As we said, moving is extremely complex. It’s easy to forget things that could be essential for its success. Therefore, no matter how insignificant or minuscule something seems – put it on the list.

Hire movers to minimise your downtime

No matter what the undertaking is, going for professional help is always the right choice. And in the case of business relocations, commercial removal services are the way to go. Trained and experienced movers can and will make the whole process easier. And, of course, much faster. That is why this should be your first choice if you want to move a business without losing productivity.

Here are some pointers you should keep in mind when hiring movers:

● Don’t rush – It’s essential to choose the right moving company for your needs. Therefore, take the time to do the research and find the best fit. This might take a while, so be sure to start as soon as possible. Preferably, the moment you find out that you’re moving.

● Book movers early – This will ensure you get the time and date you want. It is especially crucial if you’re moving during peak season, as it will save you from unnecessary expenses.

● Choose the moving date and time carefully – The best thing you can do is fit the relocation into your usual downtime. If your office is closed during weekends, that might be an ideal opportunity to move it to a new location. That way you’re practically eliminating downtime from the equation.

● Be sure to include packing services – Packing is the most time-consuming part of the move. Professional packers will cut that time down significantly. They are trained to find the optimal way to deal with furniture, office equipment, and all the items that can pose a problem. If packing for overseas moving you will need a to work with a dedicated overseas office moving company.

Make an inventory list

Taking inventory is an excellent way to keep tabs on your belongings. Although this activity might take a while, you should never avoid it. It will significantly help you with virtually every part of the move. More importantly, it can save you quite a bit of money in the long run because:

● You won’t overbuy packing supplies

● You will eliminate the need to make multiple trips to the store to buy additional packing supplies

● Decluttering will be easier and faster.

Declutter to reduce moving expenses

Decluttering is an essential part of every relocation. It allows you to dispose of unwanted belongings and cut the cost of the move in the process. If you took our advice and made an inventory list, it won’t take you too long to declutter. However, don’t just throw away things you don’t need or use. Instead, consider some of the following options:

● Sell some of the items via online marketplaces. Websites such as eBay and Amazon offer you an easy way to do this. And income you make this way will additionally strengthen your moving budget— indeed a win-win situation.

● Donate or give away stuff that remains after the sale. Local charities will accept a lot of things, and you will help someone in need. It might not help with your budget, but it will undoubtedly make you feel good.

● The final option is to trash unused belongings. However, consider doing this only after you’ve exhausted all the other options.

Prepare your new office for a move-in

Preparing your new office space is yet another fantastic time-saver. Take your time to plan the layout of your new office space. It will make settling-in go much swifter. You’ll already know where everything will go, and your movers can help you arrange your furniture on the spot. Convenient and efficient!

Notify customers that your company is moving

This is the last piece of advice on our list. Still, it indirectly impacts your ability to move a business without losing productivity. Your clients are the lifeblood of your company. Making sure you don’t inconvenience them will go a long way to preserve their loyalty.

● Make copies of large signs and hang them on your front door and shop windows.

● Print notifications and mail them to your customers. This can take some money out of your pocket, but it will go a long way to show your clients that you care.

● Send emails to inform your customers that you’re moving.

● Update the front page

Keep your eyes on the prize

Being well-organised is imperative if you want to move a business without losing productivity. Therefore, make a plan and don’t stray from it. Use these guidelines to help you and make it easier. And finally, envision what you want to achieve. After that, all the pieces will fall into place, and your transition will have a happy ending.

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