Is your house removal scheduled to take place in the cold, rain or snow. Find out how to move home during bad weather in the UK

Removal companies complete most house moves during the summer. The weather is nice, warm and the sun is shining until late in the evening. However, once summer has ended and we peer in to Autumn, the weather can change for the worst. Autumn is a time of year where the leaves start to fall from trees, the floors are wet from heavy rain, making the ground slippy and a hazard on moving day. Luckily there are things you can do that will help you. Following our article on how to move home during bad weather, will help you to prepare for the worst type of weather conditions, whether moving house or business.

How to move home during bad weather

When is the safest time of the year to move

Pro removers will always recommend that you try and prepare your move to take place in good weather conditions during the summer time. Summer makes you feel good and hopeful, making moving house a more pleasant experience for all involved. Summer is a perfect time as children are usually on holidays and your move can be fully completed during day light.

However this guide on how to move home during bad weather, will explain some of the complications you may face. If you do find yourself moving in bad weather conditions. Frost, snow, wind and rain can all cause hazards on your removals day. You will need to ensure you have hired experienced removers like MnM Removals, that have many years of experience moving clients during bad weather conditions across the UK and Abroad. On one occasion the movers loaded the vehicle a day before for our clients move during the winter. When loading, the weather was fine. But the next morning. The entire UK was hit by a snow storm over night. Which caused unexpected delays for the removers. That needed to make a 400 mile round trip. This is what you must expect when moving house during the winter or in bad weather conditions.

How bad weather conditions can effect you when moving house

A little sprinkle of rainy showers should not effect your move much. However you will need to take precautions to protect your home and furniture. Movers will be in and out of your house carrying large items to the vehicle, so you may need to lay some protection to stop floors getting wet or dirty. If the rain is so bad then

  • Your movers may need to come back to complete your move
  • You will need to secure cardboard to protect floors or plastic carpet protection
  • Use extra waterproof packaging like shrink wrap for antiques, sofas and picture canvases etc. See video on how to waterproof your sofa
  • Wear the appropriateĀ  non slip shoes and clothing for bad weather that will keep you warm

Moving home in frost or snow is very risky. Not only will your removers need to be carful loading, they will need to take extreme caution when on the road to the new location. Bad weather on the roads, can make the process even more stressful. Not only for the movers, but also for you and your family. If the frost and snowy weather is that bad you may need to

  • Cancel the move entirely for a better day. You will need to notify your estate agents and solicitors of your choice
  • Complete the move but clear all walk ways and paths using a spade, grit and salt a few hours before the movers arrive
  • As it will be very cold and wet, be sure all beds, cupboards, mattresses, sofas etc are fully packed to stop them getting wet or dirty
  • Extra packaging and wrapping paper should be used to keep plants, delicate wooed furniture and electrical equipment
  • If moving with children Keep them in a warm spare room of the house
  • If moving with pets keep them in their cage in warm room
  • If travelling by car be sure it is fully serviced and maintained for the journey to the new house location.
  • If travelling by public transport check the times and departures for your route as this may be affected by the bad weather.
  • Check weather forecast regularly for any improvements.

Tips for moving in bad weather conditions or Winter

  • Hazards and Safety should be your number 1 priority when moving home. Never take risk or dangerous chances. If the weather is that bad . For example 2ft deep of snow then it may be a wise idea for you and your movers to cancel the move for the following day.
  • If at all possible when moving during the Winter, you will want to arrive at the new house in day light for the movers to offload your furniture safely. Moving in the dark can be very challenging. Let alone moving in wet, windy, cold or frosty weather conditions. Once at the new house lay down some floor coverings to protect floors and carpets.
  • Once of the first thing you are going to want to do when moving into your new home or office during bad weather or the Winter, is to get the heating on and the how water running. You will need to notify you Utility Suppliers of your move at least 4 weeks before moving home. This will ensure all services are connect for when you actually move in to the property.
  • If you have any valuable or sentimental items. Place them into a box with keep dry labeled on the boxes. Your removers will then take extra care to ensure those boxes do not get wet.
How to move home during bad weather

Let MnM Removals help you to move home during bad weather

If moving to a new home or office property in horrible conditions, get in touch with our experienced moving team. We are always happy to help where ever we can and no matter the weather. call us on 08000025543 for the best removals and storage quotation.

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