How to much does it cost when moving house from Leicester to Nottingham

Moving house from Leicester to Nottingham – Get the true cost for your home move



Moving to Leicester?

Leicester is a city in the East Midlands. Junction 21 of the M1 motorway. Leicester city is a diverse one that has a friendly community spirit. As a diverse city there are hundreds of restaurants to suit people from all walks of life and different cultures. The city has 2 main universities DMU – De Montfort University and University of Leicester. Both universities attract people from all over the world and offer excellent opportunities for the growth of Leicestershire as a whole,


Moving to Nottingham?

Now, Nottinghamshire is a vibrant city which is also based in the East Midlands region. Notts as called for short is the largest city in the East Midlands. According to the world population review, Nottingham has an estimated population of 794,008 something people. The city offers the most affordable housing prices, compared to those in Leicester. With 3 bedroom properties, starting as low as £80,000. Due to low house prices and an attractive city, that has a lot history and wonderful things to offer. Makes Nottingham, one of the most sort after locations in the East Midlands.

Why removal cost differ when moving house from Leicester to Nottingham

The reason removal costs differ from one another is simple. No home move is the same. Each removal will be different from the last. This is because no 2 homes are the same and removal companies will work out your costs, based on your removal and circumstances. There are countless elements, that removal firms will need to piece together, to calculate the exact costs of your removal when moving house from Leicester to Nottingham.

Size Of House

The size of the house you live, makes a big difference when working out how much a house removal will cost you. If moving from a 1 bedroom house, then the chances are your move may not cost as much money, as when moving from a large 3, 4 or 5 bedroom house. Some people are downsizing so may be moving from a 4 bed house. But, only have the furniture contents of a 2 bedroom house. If this is the case. Then it will reduce your removals quote dramatically.

It all basically comes down to how much stuff you have to be moved to your new home. The less furniture you have the more cost-effective your move will be. Remember hiring professional movers is not cheap and depending on the volume of furniture and the services you require, your move could end up costing you £1000s. The more furniture and rooms your home has the more your move will cost due to the labour involved.

Distance Of Travel

The distance of travel to the new home, also plays a major role in determining the true value of your home move. The distance from Leicester to Nottingham is only 29.7 miles, 43 minutes aways, via the A46 and is the fastest route. You can travel up the M1 Motorway to Junction 25, which joins the A52 to Nottingham City. The further away you move from your current home, the more your move is likely to cost. Less than 1 hrs journey, from Leicester to Nottingham is classed as a long distance removal. As you will be moving out of your current city to another city.

Awkward Furniture & Objects 

If your house removal involve moving any heavy bulky items, like pianos, hot tubs, out door apparatus equipment and play house, sheds etc. Then the chances are it will increase the price of your move. These items require specialist attention and your movers may need to out source some equipment to complete certain types of moves. If you require your piano to be delivered to a upper floor in your home, then your moving firm may need to out source a piano lift and crane, to hoist heavy items to higher floors. Some house removal service can be more complex than you may think.

Unforeseen Circumstances

Sometimes when moving house from Leicester to Nottingham, things can go wrong that are completely out of yours and your removal companies control. We have listed some of the cases unforeseen circumstances that may arise on your removal day or prior to your removals day.

  • The things people face the most when moving house is waiting for the new house keys. This can cause a massive delays on your house removal. Meaning you can not get access into your new home. Some removal companies may charge additional fees for these waiting times. From experience the new house keys are released between 12 and 2 pm.
  • Waiting for paper work, money transfers and the completion stage of your home, can be a daunting, time consuming and make people moving home feel worried, that something will go wrong and the move may be cancelled in some way. This is because, you the home owner have no control over the actual sale, especially if you are using estate agents and having many people in the moving chain.

All of the above scenarios will make  a major impact on how much your house removal will cost you when moving house from Leicester to Nottingham.

Moving House From Leicester To Nottingham

Average removal company charges for moving house from Leicester to Nottingham 

Moving from a 1 bed house Leicester to Nottingham

  • You could be expected to pay £350 for the removals. A further £150 for the packing

Moving from a 2 bed house Leicester to Nottingham

  • You may be paying £400 for the move. With £250 for packing the home

Moving from a 3 bed house Leicester to Nottingham

  • The costs is around £550 for moving just furniture. With £450 for the packing

Moving from a 4 bed house Leicester to Nottingham

  • This is a price of £700 for the removal only. A further £550 for the packing of the house

Moving from a 5 bed house Leicester to Nottingham

  • You should be prepared to pay in the region of £1000 for the move. A further £600 for packing the house

Moving from a 6 bed manor house Leicester to Nottingham

  • This is a large move that may cost you up to a £2000 for the move. With a £1000 for the packing service

The above information is a rough guide line of what your house removal and home packing service may cost you. When moving house from Leicester to Nottingham. As a professional company, we operate in Leicester, Nottingham and the East Midlands. All people want to know when moving home is. How much does it cost to move home and hire a removals company when moving house.

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