How to move home for the first time Successfully

Preparing for removals

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Simple tips on how to move home successfully

Moving to new house, when you have lived in your current home for many years is a daunting experience. Moving home is physical and tiring work. Up and down stairs, carrying heavy furniture, is not for the faithearted.

Arrange things for your move as early as you can

  • Start preparing for your home move as soon as you know you are moving house – Always give yourself enough time to get the things you need when relocating. Find removal companies, decide the services you would like, then get your removal date booked in.

Pack 4 weeks prior to your home move

  • Pack all non-essential items & furniture at least 4 weeks before you move home – House removals is a difficult, complex task. It requires careful planning and organising. If doing your own packing. You will need to ensure everything is packed in time for when your movers arrive on removals day. So always give enough time, if you can.

Give away or donate old furniture

  • Separate your items, furniture & donate all unwanted items to your local charity – The best way to save money on your house removal, is to give away or donate your old unwanted furniture and items to charity. Why pay your movers to deliver items you no longer use. This will clutter the space within your new home. So its always a good idea to reduce the clutter you move to your new home.

Let your service providers know of your home move

  • Notify your service providers that you are now due to be moving house – Another important factor that must be taken into consideration when planning how to move home is, making sure you contact your Gas, Water, Electricity, Tv, Phone Royal Mail and any other service provider you may need when moving into your new place.

Be one step ahead for any thing that could go wrong on removals day

  • Be prepared for unforeseen circumstances that may arise when moving home – All home movers will need to be aware that not every home move goes smoothly. Some removal clients are left waiting for long time periods, outside the new home for the new house keys to be released. Some removals are cancelled right at the last minute, where furniture and items are stored in storage until the date is finalised. These are things you will need to keep in mind.

We hope you have enjoyed reading this helpful guide all about the best tips on how to move home successfully during 2021. If you are faced with the task of moving house. simply get in touch with the MnM Removals team or leave us a list of your furniture, items and belongs here. We aim to make moving simple and stress free.