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Moving Home in Oadby?


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Recent events have shown that flooding can be a serious problem through the winter months.I f you are Moving House in Oadby during a flood  then you should  call the Floodline  0845 988 1188 in advance  to check that your route does not pass through an area that is at risk of flooding and be prepared to change your route if necessary.

Things to do before moving house in Oadby during a flood

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Changes in insurance policies could make it difficult or prohibitively expensive to insure homes which lie in a flood plain.The issue arises because an agreement between the Government and insurers to provide flood insurance is due to be withdrawn at the end of June 2013.  Therefore homeowners looking to renew their insurance policies from next June (ie a year before that date) could be in for a shock.Add to that the fact that the average claim for a flooded home is £30,000, and it is clear that the stakes for the industry and for the homeowner are high

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 Before planning your house removal in Oadby it pays to do some research.  Your Conveyance Solicitor will ask you if you would like to run ‘searches’ to investigate this, and the vendor is required to inform you if they are aware of flooding in the area. You can also do your own research by typing your postcode into the Government’s Environment Agency site for a free flood map of your area.  If you find that you are due to be moving home during a flood it is best to contact your House removal company if you have any concerns so that you can make any arrangements with them.


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