The Complete Guide On Packing A Garage

There are many awkward and potentially dangerous items to wrap and pack in a garage. Garages are no longer used for their purpose… cars! They are often filled with an odd mixture of items. Let us guide you through the process.

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023_broom_clear_clean_tool-128Have A Clear Out

Before you start considering how to  pack a garage when moving house you should think about having a clear out. The last thing you want to do is take all of the old rubbish and unwanted items you no longer use with you to your new home. Start by sorting through open and half empty tins and bottles. Making 3 piles will be the easiest, 1 for what you want to keep, 1 for what you can give away, recycle or donate and another for what is to be thrown away. Having a clear out may also lower the cost of your house removal.

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oie_vBIVGBkOy1LQOpen Tins / Bottles 

Any open tins of paint or open bottles of liquid should be securely placed into plastic bags and sealed tightly before being placed into strong double walled boxes.

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Long-handled garden tools, as well as brooms and mops, should be bundled together securely. Attachments should be removed from power tools and packed separately.

  • Hand tools may be left in tool boxes and the spaces filled with crushed paper, or they may be packed according to general packing rules. Always use small cartons for heavy tools.
  • Use old towels to wrap and tape any sharp-edged tools.
  • Power tools must be safely drained of oil and gas before hand.

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swingGarden Equipment

Before moving day, dismantle children’s swing sets, TV antennas and garden sheds you plan to take with you.

  • Place small hardware in a plastic bag or old coffee can and label.
  • If the parts bag can be securely attached to corresponding equipment, all the better.
  • Prepare lawn mower by safely draining gasoline prior to loading day.

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Specialist bike boxes can be purchased to secure your bike during transit. Alternatively if you are worried about your bike scratching or being damaged during transit, a good layer of bubble / foam wrap should do the trick.

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