Our moving company has provided you with a step by step guide on preparing artwork when moving house in Sandiacre, Derbyshire

If you are Preparing Artwork when moving house in Sandiacre, Derbyshire, you will want to ensure that the correct measures are taken to ensure the safety of your picture frames, artwork frames and photo frames. Following our useful tips on how to get your picture frames, and artwork ready for moving home.

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[icon type=”image” icon=”Info” size=”24″ ]Instructions

  1. You will need to purchase some picture boxes that are bigger in size, than the actual picture frame, some picture boxes are adjustable helping you to fit the box to your picture frame. Be sure your picture frame boxes are double wall ensure extra quality.
  2. Being very careful take the picture frames down, one at a time, from off the walls and units.
  3. Start by placing your picture frame, artwork frames and photo frames, flat on it’s back, on the carpet.How to Get Your Pictures and ArtWork Ready when Moving Home in Sandiacre, Derbyshire
  4. Place the picture frame front first down onto the bubble wrapping
  5. Wrap your frames until the are completely covered from the front and the back
  6. Stick the bubble wrap down using fragile sticky tape and tape the picture, mirror etc.
  7. Place the mirror or picture frames into your picture framed boxes.
  8. Seal with fragile sticky tape.
  9. Keep all picture frames in an upright position
  10. Label picture boxes with rooms etc.

[icon type=”image” icon=”Info” size=”24″ ]What Tools You will Need

  1. Picture frame boxes
  2. Fragile sticky tape
  3. Bubble wrapping
  4. Corner Protectors
  5. Removal Blankets or Padding

[icon type=”image” icon=”Info” size=”24″ ]Useful Tips 

  1. Corner protectors can be used before placing your picture frames into boxes, simply fit the corner protectors on the corner of the frames and tape them down, you will need to buy 4 per picture or frame.
  2. You can also use padding to secure the picture frame further when it is in the box. Things that are quilted like a sheets or cushions are great for extra padding and protection.
  3. When storing your picture frame boxes, be sure they are stood in an upright position, place heavy objects next to them to avoid them from fall over, the same will apply when stacking your removal vehicle.
  4. Don’t place the picture some where high where they could fall and break, it is always best to keep your picture frames on the floor at all times unless moving them from A to B.

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