The best information for Nottingham University students moving into a new house in Nottingham or Nottinghamshire

If you are a Nottingham University students moving into a new house in the Nottingham area you will want to know the most popular student areas that are best for your need. Follow our guide on Nottingham University students moving into a new house in Nottingham, to help you to make the right choices and enjoy the experience of being a student in Nottingham.

Nottingham is a wonderful place to live and has many amenities close to the University campuses. There are many residential areas close to the university that offer a wide range of student accommodation. Some of the most popular areas for Nottingham university students to live include:

Wollaton – Only 15 min from the city center, Wollaton is a quiet residential area that boasts a wide range of pubs, eateries, shops and amenities. Wollaton is very close to the Queens Medical Center with the closest campus being Jubilee.

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Sutton Bonnington – Situated on the door step of the Sutton Bonnington Campus, Sutton Bonnington is a small village. With only a few essential shops and a few pubs the village is nice and quiet ideal for students attending the school of bio science. Excellent transport links for Nottingham and Loughborough with the University free bus passing through.

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Radford Situated in the inner city of Nottingham, Radford is a vibrant and multi cultural area. Within a 2 min walk of the town center. The Jubilee campus is the closest to Radford, just a 5 min walk away. Living in Radford you will have all the benefits of the town center with all of its great shops and clubs.

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Lenton – Lenton is only a 10 min walk from the vibrant town center and is a very popular student area. It has a wide range of shops and amenities along with many religious centers. The Lenton Center is ideal if you enjoy sport and offers a large swimming pool. Lenton also has a local cinema and is in very close proximity to the Queens Medical Center and The Jubilee Campus.

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