Preparing to move home. What is the best day & time of year to move

The busiest day of the year that people tend to move home is on a Friday. The slowest day of the year is a Sunday. The busiest time of the year to move house in the UK is during the peak of summer time August.

If at all possible you want to avoid moving home on Fridays. Friday is the day that many UK removal companies are extremely busy, some may have to out source to their partners or provide alternative moving dates or at times turn away customers away completely.

Many people moving home assume that moving on a Friday is the best day of the week to move, as they get the weekend to sort through belongings and unpack furniture. This far from the truth. Many people are left struggling to find a removal company in time that will assist them with their move on a Friday. As Fridays are in such high demand for people moving home in the UK removal companies can be become over stretched.

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    If Planning To Move Home On A Friday You Will Want To Find A Removal Company As Soon As Possible.

    The seasons also play a major role when deciding the best time to move home. For example most people prefer to move home when its nice hot and sunny weather and which makes moving home in the summer such a busy time for removal companies. Below is a list of the season and how popular they are for people moving.

    To combat this Friday rush removal companies have started to offer great discounts to people when moving on a Saturday, Sunday, Monday or Tuesday.

    In theory Fridays would be ideal for many home movers in the UK. Booking the Friday off from work to move home gives you 3 days to get things organised. But in the reality for many home movers planning to move on a Friday it is just not this simple.

    This is why it is important to ensure you book your removal company and moving date well in advance to avoid any delays, especially if moving on a Friday.

    When The Best Season To Move Home?

    Moving Home in Autumn


    Autumn is known to be a miserable time of the year to move house. Leaves falling from the trees, its cold, damp and wet outside. This is enough to put most people off moving at this time, if they are able to do so. However this time of year can be slow for removal companies too. Many removal companies will offer cheaper removal rates for moving during Autumn. Moving in Autumn when its quite for removal companies in the UK you could save up to 35% off your move.

    Moving Home in Winter


    As a professional removals company MnM Removals has noticed a rapid increase in clients searching for house removals during the Winter season. Winter is fast becoming a popular time of year for people moving home simply because this is the last chance people get to move and settled in to their new home in time for Christmas and the New Year. The months of October, November and December can be an expensive time of the year to move home as removal dates are in high demand. You will need to bear in mind that moving in the Winter has its down sides with shorter days, rainy or extreme weather some moves may need to be but on hold for better weather conditions depending on where you are moving in the country.

    Moving Home in Spring


    In Spring things start to brighten up. We have all had a relaxing winter break and now the rush for people moving home is back on. In March and April things are still quite and just starting to pick up again, with estate agents listing properties on the housing market. Data from The Advisory suggest that Spring is a good time to buy and sell your home as the weather warms up it brightens up your home to potential buyers. This is good time to start your search for a reliable removal company too. Spring can be a cheaper and quite time to move home especially as 1000’s have already moved home during the winter period.

    Moving Home in Summer


    As mentioned previously the summer time is the most popular and busiest time to move for estate agents, solicitors, banks and removal companies in the Uk. We all love the summer and with such long holidays it is the perfect time for making that big move to your new home. Summer time is perfect time to move as your children will have at least 6 weeks summer holidays and can move to the new home with out the rush of starting a new school right away, giving you and the family time to enjoy your new home properly. Moving during the summer can be an expensive time of the year to move home, so booking your move and budgeting in advance is essential.

    When Is The Cheapest Day Of The Year To Move?

    We recommend that you choose to move home on the cheapest days of the year, which are the least busiest days Sunday to Thursday. This is simply as removal companies are not very busy during these days of the week. So when planning a removal date its best to go with a day in the week, rather than moving on the weekend which can be in high demand and cost you more.

    The Best Time Of The Month To Move Home?

    The best times of the month to move home is at the begining or the middle of each month. Moving at this time is also a quite time for many removal companies, so the chances are you will get the date you want to move on at the right price. The end of the month can be a big panic for people moving home as removal companies and dates get filled up very quickly towards the end of each month. So if planning to move home durning the same month and you have your heart set on using a specific company for your move, it is vital to get in contact with your removal company as soon as possible before the 14th of each month to avoid any delays.

    Things To Consider When Deciding The Best Time Of The Year To Move Home


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