5 Things Removal Companies Dislike The Most When Moving Home

Preparing for a house removals when moving home is every ones nightmare. This is because most people are not organised enough, to ensure the move will be a success. Some people may have had to move home at the last minute.

Be Prepared for Your Home Move

What ever the circumstances of your move. This guide will give you the 5 things that removal companies dislike the most. We’ll run through a few of the important things, you’ll need to be aware of when hiring a removal company for your move.

5 Things Removal Companies Dislike

The Things Movers Hate The Most When Completing A Move

Items not packed or just left on the floor when the movers arrive on removals day

The key to a successful house move is to be prepared and as organised as can be. This is because moving home takes a considerable amount of time and energy. Especially during hot summer weather. Removals can really take its toll, on the movers and clients. So its always best if doing your own packing that all items are packed, boxed up, labeled and ready for the movers to load in to the removal trucks.

Pack Your Home Like A pro

The best thing to do when packing your own home contents. Is to bubble wrap and place any item smaller than a microwave in to removal boxes. This will help speed up the whole moving process.

Extra items of furniture that was not mentioned to the movers when booking

Another important point to make when moving to a new home. Is to ensure that you let your movers see all items to be moved. Or provide them with a list of all items. List the rooms with all its contents. Or you could arrange a video survey with a moving surveyor. The last thing you or your movers need on removals day is a room that was forgotten about.

Leave no stone unturned

For example the boxes in the loft or the 100 bottles of wine in the cellar. So always try to remember to show the movers everything. This way they can provide you with the right size removal vehicle, movers and accommodate your exact needs and requirements.

Removal companies and movers dislike waiting hours for the new house keys

If moving in a long chain. Depending on where you are in the moving chain. Will depend on when the new house keys are released for your new home. The bigger the moving chain the more paper work to be signed and monies to be transferred. This process can become a nightmare for many home movers that have not experienced this before.

Depending on how quick your movers are you could be waiting for hours

This is a matter for your estate agents, bank, solicitors and others in the chain. As you have no power to move in to your new home to be. Until all contracts have been signed and monies have gone to the relevant bank accounts. Find out more on waiting for new house keys.

Removal companies dislike it when fridges and freezers are left full of food

Before moving house it is important that you try to use as much food as possible. Before This is because it will avoid items spilling inside the boxes, causing liquids to leak. Which will make the boxes wet and soggy. It also reduces the weight of the fridge or freezer. Making it easier for your movers to manage and move.

Fridges freezers & any other item that stores cutlery or paper work should be emptied

If moving a short distance away. You could put the food in to water proof bags and place them in the boot of your car. Or donate the food to your local food charity. Overall it will help to stop your belongings getting damaged during the move.

Movers dislike pets and children in the way on removal day

Movers also dislike asking customers to move pets or children out of the way. While large items are being moved around the home on removals day. Children and pets are often so small and delicate that movers may not see them when coming in and out of your home. To avoid any accidents on your removals day.

Keep pets & children safe when moving home by letting them stay with friends or family.

It is the best idea to either keep all pets in a pet cage and in to spare room. Just let the movers know which rooms to avoid, that the pets are kept in. Children may be better with close friends, grandparents or relatives. While the move is in full swing.

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