How to deal and cope with the emotional stress of moving house

Moving home, dealing with banks, mortgage provider, solicitors, estate agents, landlords, other people in the moving chain and your house removal company can have and emotional effect on many home movers. The constant worry about whether the completion will go through, whether the monies have exchanged, what time the new house keys will be released, these are all things that put added stress on many home movers shoulders. Listed below is the perfect home movers guide on how to deal and cope with the emotional stress of moving house in the UK.

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House Removal Companies | How to deal and cope with the emotional stress of moving house in the East Midlands UK

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Moving Home With Children

When moving to a new home with toddlers or teenagers, it is best to be up front with them about the move from day 1. Let them become apart of the move and the moving process. Children can feel lonely when moving to a new location, moving schools, moving far away from friends they have known for many years and the burden of meet new ones. For children moving home and location can be a daunting time. Let them pack and label their own removal boxes and show their own room, toys and belongings to the move consultant when your house removal company is completing your home survey. All these things can help to ensure your pride and joy is happy and comfortable with the move and change.

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Plan, Prepare & Organize

There really is so much to consider, plan and organize when moving to your new home it’s easy to forget some of the most important things you must do before you leave to arrive at your new home. A few of these things may include checking the meter reading, setting up broadband phone and tv connection’s, visiting new property, schools and local area, registering with doctors, dentist and other health care organisations. This is just a small section of things that you can do to help to deal and cope with the emotional stress of moving home in the East Midlands and surrounding towns and villages in the UK.

If doing the packing your self, depending on the size of your home we would recommend that you start bit by bit at least 2 months before your house removal. This will ensure every thing is packed, wrapped and boxed up in time for when the movers and removal trucks arrive at your home. Many removal companies in the East Midlands will not take items or furniture unless it is wrapped accordingly.

Alternatively hiring an expert house removals company and home packing team will ensure that the job is complete for you, saving valuable time, money and physical hard work. If you have a load of boxes that require packing its wise to use the professional movers and packers.

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Moving Home With Pets

If moving with pets try to have a friend to have them for the day, locking them in the room while the move is under way will only make them more stress and un-relaxed. The last thing you need is the dog barking non stop, or the cat scratching at the door while the move is under way, am sure the movers won’t mind, but with all the noise and commotion in the background, this can make you feel more uneasy and stressed taking the time to  ensure the pets are calm and ok.

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Keeping A House Removals Checklist

Using a house removals checklist and tips, diary or note-book to make notes and tick tasks off the list as you go on. This will ensure that nothing is missed and make it easier for you to remember the most important tasks to be done. Every home mover should refer to a moving checklist when moving home, especially when moving with children. Using a moving checklist could save you money and time in the long run. A checklist will list all the things in the order of months on the run up to your house removal day.

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Label Removal Boxes, Furniture & Rooms

When completing your own home packing, it is wise to label all furniture and boxes. This will save time when offloading into your new home, instead of opening boxes to see what inside and which room they belong to, can you imagine doing that for every box, the movers would be there for some time. There are few ways in which this can be done effectively. Either by colours, shapes or by name. For example: Blue would go in the kitchen, pink in living room etc, square for bedroom, circle for dinner and so on or the standard way, name of room for example kitchen, master bedroom.

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Speak To Friends About How You Feel About The Move

If the move is getting you down try speaking to some one close to you about the way you feel about the move and the change in your life. We only move a couple of times in our lives and get use to being and living in the same location and place. Moving home can happen quicker than some people expected, with house prices on the rise and the housing market becoming more stable and more and more people are buying homes, becoming home owners and home movers.

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Have A Back Up Plan

When moving home you have to be sure you are always one step ahead, try thinking of things that might go wrong on removals day and come up with alternatives and solutions to the issue. For example if the keys are not ready for your new home, you may need to keep some extra cash at hand to cover forbidden circumstances. What if your chosen movers let you down and don’t turn up, be sure to have a details of a company you can easy reach out to. The worst case scenario for home movers is where the property completion has not been complete and you have to move your items into storage till a later date. These are the realities of moving home, delays can happen from time to time as every move is different. Staying focused and thinking of solutions will help you to be prepared in case any thing goes wrong on your move.

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Hire A Reliable Removals Company

When choosing a house removals company it all comes down to trust. Are they a well-known established company? Are they members of any removal organisations? (BAR) Do they have good feed back?. Do they respond to your calls right away? Have you met and greeted your house removals company?. Do they cover all your needs and requirements? Are the fairly priced?

These are the signs people should be looking for when deciding on choosing a house removals company. Our removal company will go above and beyond to ensure all clients are happy and pleased with the move and the entire moving process.

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