Great tips on how to move a chest of draws/dresser and reduce the weight

[quote font=”georgia” color=”#000000″ bcolor=”#f48a00″]When doing some refurbishing or moving your furniture to another room or maybe to a new house its a good idea to learn how to move a chest of draws/dresser safely and correctly.[/quote]

Our removals team know that chest of draw/dressers come in many shapes sizes and some of the bigger chest of draws are much much heavier than others, this why we see it as an important task to give our customers the upper hand when planning how to move a chest of draws/dresser to their new destination safely and in one piece.

When gathering information on how to move a chest of draws/dresser safely and with out causing damage to your back, you will need two people to help you with this task to complete it successfully.

To start with we are going to tell you how you can reduce the weight of your chest of draws/dresser. Empty out all the clothing from the draws and place them into house removal boxes or black bin liners for safe keeping.

Take out all of the draws from inside the chest of draws/dressers they will be connected to the insides of the chest of draws, pull the draws before it comes out lift the draw up slightly to release it from the runners and your draw will come (some chest of draws come with a hook/catch  underneath the draw itself stopping the draw from coming out when pulled to far, release the hook/catch and the draws will come free) repeat this same process for all the draws, then place them to one side and out the way.

How to move a chest of draws dresser1

Now all the Draws have been taken out you have dramactically reduced the wight of your chest of draws, now you will need to check that the route is clear for where you plan to move it, if it has to come through the landing or down the stairs be sure the walk ways are clear of shoes and other obsticles that could make moving the chest of draws an issue.

When this process is complete it is safe for you to start the moving process of your chest of draws. This is where you will need a second person to help assist with the moving process.

To start with you will need to make sure that your chest of draws are fully wrapped, using bubble wrap or removal blankets to protect it when being moved or loaded onto the removal truck.

Once this has been done lean the chest of draws to your helper making sure you are holding the chest of draws/dresser at width end position (we lift them on the width side because if you were to lift it straight from the floor how it stands when the draws are in you will not be able to see where you where walking which could be very dangerous especially if you are not very tall. Be aware some chest of draws are very tall).

When holding or lifting in the width position the draws should be facing side ways your helper has hold of the top and you will have hold of the bottom end of the chest of draws/dresser lift from the bottom end which is on the floor (bending of the knees will be required) the chest of draws will be level once you both have got a firm grip and feel comfortable start taking the chest of draws/dresser out.

When holding like this you should be able to walk the chest of draws/dresser right out to the van depending on the size of your home, if however you can not get it straight out or round sharp bends, you will have to place it down an menouver it round tight space.

To do this the person holding the bottom end of the chest of draws/dresser will need to put it down, once it has been put done to it’s right position you will be able to move it around a shape bend keeping the chest of draws in the upright position, remember the chest of draws/dresser should be lighter and much easier to menouver. When you have got through the tight spots repeat the same lifting technique and proceed with moving the chest of draws safely to their new room, home or destination.

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