When buying our great quality double wall cardboard pallet boxes you can have full satisfaction that your multiple furniture and belongings will be safely packed away during transit

MnM Removals double wall cardboard boxes are ideal and can be used for many different reasons. Our cardboard pallet boxes come with the pallet attached to the box for easy movement, whether using a forklift or a pump truck to maneuver your items. Our cardboard boxes comes with great quality and strong durability as standard and are strong enough to stack on top of each other without falling apart.

You can use our cardboard pallet boxes if you are moving home or shipping abroad and need your belongings kept together safely

Cardboard Pallet Boxes

Great Quality Double Wall Cardboard Pallet Boxes

Comes flat with sleeve inside and lid to secure the cardboard pallet boxes

The bottom of the cardboard pallet boxes are attached to the pallet itself

Strong double wall corrugated cardboard boxes

Our cardboard boxes can be cut down to your exact size

All of our cardboard pallet boxes are reusable and recyclable

At MnM Removals packaging store we only recommend the best quality double wall cardboard boxes when storing, shipping or moving your home

Purchase double wall cardboard pallet boxes at affordable prices