Foam Furniture Wrap


Sizes:        Small:    1200mm X 2metre roll |  Large:  1200mm x 10metre roll


Furni-Spft Foam Furniture Wrap is an ideal solution to protect your furniture from damage and scratching

When moving home or relocating a piece of furniture, you need to take extra care to avoid chipping, scratching or any other damage. Especially if the item has a gloss or polished finish. Foam furniture wrap is the ideal solution. Not only is it easy to use and cost effective, it also provides maximum protection to those special items you may have.

Foam Furniture Wrap

Foam Furniture Wrap

Tips on how to use your Furni-Soft Foam Furniture Wrap

Small pieces of furnitureIf you have small items of furniture you can wrap the whole item with foam furniture wrap, securing with tape.You may also wish to buy our foam furniture wrap to wrap any furniture legs or finishing’s to give them that extra protection they need during your move.

Dining/Coffee tables: Wrapping dining or coffee tables can be a tricky task, foam furniture wrap is the ideal solution helping to prevent against chipping and scratching when the item is being moved as well as dust and water damage. If the table top does come off it is always advisable to do so,this will make it easier when using the foam furniture wrap.

Sofas/chairs:It is important to protect your sofas and chairs during transit, especially if they are made using leather fabrics. Sofas and chairs can often be difficult to maneuver through doorways and around corners. Wrapping them in foam furniture wrap will help against the fabric being torn of scuffed.

Our foam furniture wrap is not only 100% recyclable it is also fully reusable. Double skinned and laminated on both sides our foam furniture wrap will not mark surfaces and is very durable.

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