Large House Removal Box

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Size:         (30″ x 18″ x 18″ )  ( 762 x 457 x 475mm)

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Our large house removal box is more like an extra large house removal box, don’t take our word compare our size, quality and prices before purchasing our large house removal boxes.

Large moving box

Large Moving Box

At MnM Removals moving boxes is part of our daily routine this why we know how important it is choose the right large house removal boxes, whether putting them into storage facilities for a period of time or using them to safely pack up your home contents for your move. MnM Removals  provides Large house removal boxes that come a lot larger in size and quality than most other packaging companies, you will not fill them as quickly as other boxes and as our large house removal boxes are double wall the durability will last much much longer. All of our large house removal boxes are purposely left unsigned giving you the best cost effective and good value for money. We understand that our customers need strong double walled boxes for their home move. At MnM Removals we always aim to help our customers have the best house removals experience from start to finish, when using our boxes and packing the contents into them perfectly you will reduce the chance of any breakage.

Large house removal box tips

Large boxes should be used for lighter items such as curtains, clothing, light linen, shoes, bedding, toys, board games, etc

You may also pack light pots and pans into a large removal box.

Keep back sufficient large boxes for packing of bedding

Mark boxes accordingly ie. BED 1, BEDDING, BED 2 CLOTHING this will ensure they are easily identified for making up beds and wardrobes at your new home.

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